10 Great Date Night Films for Your Favorite Comic Book Nerd

movies for nerdy date

It is hard to choose the best movie for a date night, but it can be even more challenging for true nerds. You may be experiencing the same issue after meeting your first date through nerd dating sites.

For geeks, it is vital to opt for something that does not strongly emphasize their nerdy nature but still them something to cheer about. By picking the right date night film, you can help bring out the softer side of your comic book nerd.

Thankfully, you do not have to struggle a lot because there is a good selection of films based on comic books, and so many of them are amazingly romantic.


Known for being the very first film with a major CGI character, Dragonheart is an interesting medieval romp that features maidens, knights, and mythical creatures, including a dragon. Directed by the same guy behind the Fast and the Furious, the film manages to please a true nerd.

Fans of Dungeons and Dragons characters are surely going to find it interesting.


Starring a pre-Captain America Chris Evans, this space exploration movie is an exciting watch because it also dips a little into horror. Your geeky date is going to find the technical jargon they love, and you can continue experiencing the thrills at the same time. You may want to go with this flick if your paramour really digs space.


For those not that interested in modern superhero flicks, Unbreakable is going to be a treat to watch. The film’s creation of nerd king, M. Night Shyamalan, offers a perfect mix of legitimately surprising plot twists and less intense fight scenes.

Add some poignant moments to it, and you have a movie your nerdy date is going to love. It may also be a great choice if your date is not a huge fan of the Marvel films but favors the recent DC movies because they seem to push artistic boundaries by fixating on the angst of heroism.


With all the basic trappings of a nerd classic, Dune is based on a sci-fi novel and shares the story of warring families on another planet. It may not be created for the mainstream, but your date may love it, especially if they choose stuff that is inherently nerdy than truly enjoyable.


Who can keep Superman out of any list of movies for comic book geeks? The success of this film inspired modern-day DC films. You may find this masterpiece of director Richard Donner hopelessly romantic, but it always appeals to true nerds.

It is easy to notice the combination of the 1980s and the early 20th century, and the cross between American Gothic and art deco is truly outstanding. You may be able to relate to the chemistry going on between Christopher Reeve and Margo Kidder.

And, you are going to enjoy it more while watching a stunning scene where our superhero has to choose between loyalty and love.

Ghost World

Ghost World is a great choice if your date likes unique or faithful comic book adaptations. Daniel Clowes created the graphic novel that hit the market in its serialized form in 1993. Owing to its commercial success, it was almost inevitable to have a movie based on it.

Though geeks are going to love it, its story makes it interesting for everyone else, too. You will love the way it tempers the gravity of growing up with witty musings. Everyone can relate to the pop culture references sprinkled everywhere in this movie. Overall, it is a must-watch for comic book fans and movie buffs!


While the second movie in this series is just as impressive, the original Spider-Man movie is what a nerd needs for an amazing date night. You can spice things up a little and even try that famous upside-down kiss that helped Toby Maguire bag an award.

You may find the romantic tension between the two lead characters a bit formulaic, but it is still compelling.

The chemistry between Peter Parker and the girl next door is one big reason behind the success of the film. Once you have done watching it with your partner, you can continue the fun by going for a complete selection of Spider-Man movies available these days.

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