7 Traits That Most Nerdy Boyfriends Have

Nerdy Boyfriends

Nerds are not just males and have multiple levels of social skills and living experiences.

Whether you have always dated nerdy guys — or yourself are a nerd — there would be facets of your relationship that are not encountered by other couples. Ranging from how you interact with your partner or argue about your favorite pop-culture exhibits extraordinaire, the experience is like no other. Not all nerdy boyfriends are alike, and in relationships, not everyone’s habits are identical. Everybody establishes their relationship’s feats, making it unique. But we selected a few traits that every relationship with a geeky guy is going to have:

  1. You can never watch your favorite tv-shows without your geeky significant other. If you do, be prepared for war. When your partner isn’t here, never watch one of your go-to shows ahead of time, and if you do, no spoilers!
  2. Geek Guys and gaming, need I say more? It is always a showdown when you play your favorite games together. Proficiency in games often comes together with high tech and PC-maintenance skills, BTW.
  3. There is no backing down or reaching a common ground when arguing about your various views of fictitious characters.
  4. But if you gang up together, as much as you like talking about your preferences, you also enjoy criticizing the worst games and adaptations together.
  5. You’ll always have a date idea at comic-con! Nerdy boys love conventions for movies, games, and comics, and what better way to kill two birds with one stone: go out and spend time together.
  6. They don’t care about containing their excitement. When nerdy boys love something, there is no fear of crying out on top of their lungs. If they could, they would hold an enthralling symbol as a mark of their excitement.
  7. Being weird with a geeky guy is a mark of a healthy relationship. Is your boyfriend a nerd if you as a couple don’t act weird at all times?

What Are Geeky Guys like and What Do you Sign up For When Dating a Nerdy Guy?

When dating a nerdy guy, there is a lot they can offer you compared to an average guy:

  • they are dorky,
  • their wittiness is unmatched,
  • and their ability to be funny, weird, and exciting with you is unchallenged.

It is a known fact that most times, a nerdy man is intelligent, and a smart guy equals a hot nerdy boyfriend. Bit besides having a high IQ, nerdy men also make great life partners!

Nerds may be exceptional when it comes to playing games, but they don’t play with hearts, if you select a geeky man he will be 100% loyal. Nerds recognize the excellent relationship if you embrace their passions Another thing, though, they love getting technical, which means you have tech-support available to you 24/7.

Now, if you are a geeky guy in search of your other half — or are a nerd yourself and need assurance that you are not weird for wanting a hot nerdy boyfriend, then you’re of the right place. Now onto answering frequently asked questions.