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There are services to find love, casual dating sites to meet a friend for one night, places to acquire a connection to last a lifetime, or hookup dating sites for a fun time together. AdultFriendFinder is (or, at least, proclaims to be) the nastiest of a bunch – this service was created to let people seek sex and partner for a kinky pastime, no vanilla love here, that’s for sure! Once we launched the main page, it was hard to believe that this is one of the most well-known international dating sites, as the page’s structure is fairly similar to the other type of services serving members with explicit videos. You can find them here too if you know how to look. But first thing’s first – we’re here to find out how AdultFriendFinder fares at dating?


  • Hundreds of millions of users, at least according to the site itself
  • Various features – from live webcam feeds to educational content
  • Several means of communication
  • Loads of fake accounts, catfishing, and bots

Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • A bit more features on a free account than almost anywhere
  • Explicit in a good way – no kink-shaming here
  • Queer-friendly and progressive
  • Hundreds of millions of users
  • It is a big hub of sex-related content: a lot of things to do, read, and watch
  • To message people, you need to become a subscriber
  • Outdated design
  • Security problems
  • Too many fakes
  • Encourages to watch live models more than to find a partner

Subscription Plans

To communicate with other users at AdultFriendFinder, a member needs to purchase a premium subscription. That isn’t all, though, as premium also grants access to live feeds (one of the central features, if our experience is of any note), viewing user’s profiles, and more. Basically, free features serve as a trial period for you to get a taste, but for dating and all the other things AFF offers, a premium account is a must.

A month worth of premium access will cost you $39,95, three-month membership will come with a little discount at $80,85, and an annual premium membership will be, as usual, the cheapest overall: $239,4. Let’s see the features to know do you really need to pay that much for them?

AdultFriendFinder Features

This is the pride and joy of AFF, as features here are aplenty, and the site works almost like social media; only everything and everyone in it are interested in only one thing – sex. This may sound racy, but at least the platform and the members are sincere about it, and openness is always great. It shows, for example, in the Blog, where professional sexologists and regular users alike post about sexual experiences, give advice and discuss potential sexual situations. Live Streams is another feature you won’t find anywhere except for sites with explicit sexual content – models of all shapes and sizes stream their adventures or thoughts to the world, and with the premium membership, you can take a peek or even try to get some of them to join you for a hookup. You can get a taste even with the free membership, as live feeds posted on the main page are free to access. It is also one of the few sites still having chat rooms – a feature a bit outdated but beloved by some, and there’s also the educational content we mentioned in the form of Sex Academy – an interactive course to make members better in bed. That is a lot of things to explore!

How to Start Dating at AdultFriendFinder

Now, getting to dating (and remembering that this site offers matches on top of everything else) might be a bit hard. You start at the main page with all the sweet talk about how great the site is and how many awards does it have, but the key is that small menu on the left. Fill the blanks with your data, and you have an account.

Then you’ll get on the main page, where everything is self-explanatory. Members at AdultFriendFinder will be listed in a grid, divided into four tabs “Online now,” “New Matches,” “Members near me,” and “VIPs.” This is where you can match and communicate; the “Search” tab also works for that with lots of parameters to select.

AdultFriendFinder main page

Getting Started

First – pick out your gender, preferences, and location. The country is picked up automatically; the ZIP code is not. Then – enter your email, think of a username, a password, and an introductory phrase to represent your account, that’s it! Registration is quick, but what really is interesting is that email verification is a must here. After having a few data breaches, it seems AFF has heightened their security, so your account is not active until you find an email from AdultFriendFinder and click the activation link – a welcome change!

Making Contact

Contact users once you get to your main page, or try the more intricate approach. Go to the search tab – once there, you can fine-tune the list of singles to the smallest parameters, you can even explore members by location (which is expected), but also find singles and couples in different configurations, search by specific kinks, and, of course, play the same old Hot or Not game which can be found at any dating platform. Like a user, and if they like you back – you’ve got a match.

Adultfriendfinder members

Start Chatting

Now, chatting here is interesting. For once, it is available only for premium members and involves lots of things – you can not only send texts, pics but also invite members to a live stream (or ask permission to join). In fact, there’s a high chance that most messages you receive will, in one way or the other, lead to the invitation on the stream or to offer you a set of intimate pictures for a small fee. Look for members with extensive profiles and thorough descriptions of fantasies. That’s what the next paragraph is about.

Profile Quality

There are two types of dating sites. At the first one, pictures are everything, and at the other – information about a user is the king. Surprisingly, AdultFriendFinder is much closer to the second type because quality matches will always have extensive bios. If a member doesn’t have anything but a dirty photo on their profile pic, it is most likely a bot. Still, a significant percentage of sincere people about exploring their fantasies online registered here. Finding them is no small feat, though; you’ll have to use the search and have a premium status to evaluate someone’s profile. In general, quality is low, but it is what you can expect from a dating website with 300 million users.

Profiles adultfriendfinder

Security Measures

Security on this site is a tough subject. On the one hand, you have a mandatory verification system and thorough encryption of all user data. On the other – in 2016, AFF had suffered a major data leak with gigabytes of information about user’s sexual history, kinks, and interests leaking online for everyone to explore. There was nothing like that since then (hence the verification and encryption this dating platform previously lacked), but still, it’s hard not to be concerned. But you are completely safe from other users, though, as if someone is bothering you, there is a simple “block” solution or contacting support if it doesn’t stop from different accounts.


Does AdultFriendFinder track my location?

AFF tracks your location to provide you with a list of geographically accurate matches.

Is it easy to create an account with AdultFriendFinder?

You’ll need to fill in only the necessary information, which takes about two minutes, and then click the verification link in an email the site sends you.

How long is the satisfaction guarantee program on AdultFriendFinder?

AdultFriendFinder doesn’t have any kind of satisfaction guarantee program and offers no refunds.


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