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Relationships are tough no matter how much time you have spent on them! If there is no commitment from both sides, people get bored and lonely. That’s a top reason why hookup dating sites like Ashley Madison are gaining traction in the dating world. The platform is ripe for all kinds of people seeking compatible partners. See top benefits to users on this dating site below:

  • The majority of the users are above the age of 18 years.
  • Most people on the Ashley Madison dating website are seeking affairs.
  • The users are active and responsive.
  • It has a vast membership pool of lonely women and bored men seeking hookups and casual encounters.
  • It has millions of users globally.

Besides, here are the types of users you will likely find on the Ashley Madison dating site:

  • Lonely wives who are seeking hookups.
  • Bored men who want some action from naughty women.
  • Couples who are looking for a third person to spice up their casual encounters.
  • People who are seeking interracial casual encounters.
  • BBWs for men who love curvy women.
  • Muscle men for ladies who love men abs.
  • People of all sizes, colors, religions, and ages above 18 years.


Ashley Madison dating platform became operational in 2001 to support people who were in marital relationships and were unhappy or wanted to spice up their sex experience. The dating site has positioned itself at the top among other casual dating sites from that moment to date. Several facts make the website unique and different from other dating platforms. Such truths include:

  • It has over 17,000,000 users from all over the world.
  • There are approximately 220,000 new registrations every month.
  • Most people on the dating platform are middle-aged users.
  • It offers a favorites list for personal profiles favorite by users.
  • It allows members an opportunity to keep their identity private through the discreet photos tool.
  • The priority man feature boosts a user’s profile account.
  • It has a message plus feature that permits communication through chats and messages to anyone in your contacts.
  • The priority mail feature emphasizes an email, thus making contact establishment easier.
  • The send wink tool is vital in charming a message sent to a crush.
  • The dating platform operates both in mobile app mode and desktop website version.
  • Some services are free, while others are pay-for to gain full access.

Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • The registration on the Ashley Madison dating platform is free
  • There are 17,000,000+ users globally
  • Downloading the app is quick, straightforward, and doesn’t take a lot of space on the smartphone
  • Female users can use all features on the account for free
  • The interface and design on mobile app mode and the desktop version are user-friendly
  • Sending a message, flirt, wink, or a gift is easy
  • The dating site’s security of user’s personal information is guaranteed
  • The dating website offers most of its unique services at a cost
  • It discriminates against men when it comes to paying for a premium profile account
  • Most users have incomplete profile accounts
  • The possibility of encountering fake accounts is high
  • Its charges for premium account services are high compared to those of competitors

Subscription Plans

Ashley Madison dating website uses a credit system where users buy credits at a given amount. The payment mode uses:

  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • Paypal
Subscription planCreditsMonthly costTotal cost
BASIC100 CreditsUSD 0.59USD 59.00
CLASSIC500 CreditsUSD 0.34USD 169.00
ELITE1,000 CreditsUSD 0.29USD 289.00

Ashley Madison Review Features

  • Besides the standard features available to all other dating sites, Ashley Madison has additional unique tools that make it likable among its clients. Some of these features include:
  • Favorites List: It helps members compose a preference list of people based on their profile accounts. The feature is accessible to all.
  • Send Wink: Sending a wink is an indication of interest in someone. Use the wink tool and make contact today!
  • Discreet photos: The tool is for people who want to upload pictures but remain private. It allows users to place a mask on an image.
  • Priority Man: It permits users to boost their profile account.
  • Message Plus: It is a top feature in ensuring communication with a person with established contact.
  • TravellingMan: The feature alerts a member of users close to them when they visit a new place.

How to Start Dating on Ashley Madison

Starting to date on Ashley Madison begins with opening an account with the website. It is straightforward and quick. The procedure will only take 30 seconds. Below are steps on what to do:

  • Step 1: Go to dating website.
  • Step 2: Hit the sign-up tab to continue.
  • Step 3: On the pop-up window, fill the required fields, including relationship status, username, password, location, Zip/Postal code, ethnicity, and email.
  • Step 4: Click the blue “I AGREE” button.
  • Step 5: Now that you are already registered, create a captivating profile.

How to Start Dating on Ashley Madison

Getting Started

Becoming a member on Ashley Madison takes too little time that a registering user will barely notice. While the sign-up will take approximately 30 seconds, profile creation is likely to take one minute. That brings the total registration and profile account creation time to about 2 minutes.

Making Contact

If you want to make contact and get the right partner on Ashley Madison, here are a few things that should be a priority:

  • Create an appealing profile account.
  • Be the first to send a flirt, a message, a wink, or a gift.
  • Be responsive to other users’ chats and teases.
  • Participate in chat room discussions.
  • Upload an attractive picture of yourself.

Making Contact Ashley Madison

Start Chatting

Beginning a chat with Ashley Madison comes easy and in the most efficient way. The dating site has some of the best contact and communication features that one can ever find. Here is how to use these tools and start a chat with a compatible partner.

  • Formulate a short, exciting, and friendly “hi” message.
  • Use TravellingMan to know people nearby and contact them.
  • Use the Message Plus tool to follow up on contacts made.
  • Apply the send winks feature to flirt with your crush.
  • Avoid being too personal at first, but start the conversation casually and funnily.

Profile Quality

Ashley Madison profiles have their advantages and disadvantages in equal measure. The pros include:

  • It allows users to view each other’s profile accounts.
  • Any registered member can view profile photos free of charge.
  • Users can alter their information at a later date.
  • The upload of discreet pictures is possible and encouraged.
  • Numerous features guarantee the security and privacy of personal information.

The cons include:

  • A high number of incomplete profiles.

Profile Quality Ashley Madison

Security Measures

Ashley Madison dating platform improved its security profiles in 2015. As such, the website can prevent hacks and loss of personal information to third particles. Besides, it has a two-factor verification process to ensure the mitigation of fake accounts. As a result, the ratio of genuine to fake profile accounts is 9:1.


Can Ashley Madison Track My Location?

Yes. However, that is to link users closer to each other.

Is It Challenging to Create an Account with Ashley Madison?

No. It only takes two minutes to register and create a profile.

What Are the Specifics of the Ashley Madison Satisfaction Guarantee Program?

The dating platform does not have a satisfaction guarantee program at the moment.


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