Best nerds cartoons

Cartoons are more than just a child’s favorite. Many nerds enjoy their cartoons and even go as far as becoming fans of it. Explore our detailed list of cartoons for nerds.

Nerds and cartoons

Well, no one can understand the intricate relationship between nerds and their cartoons. Many cartoon creators understand this, and so they always have one character that portrays the geeky part. Whatever is the reason, there are lots of amazing comics, content, cartoons and overall animations that are excellent for a wiseacre or geek. They will be divided into categories which will help you select the best choice.

Technology related Cartoons for nerds

The basic topic of these cartoons for nerds is technology.  The shows all show off some form of technological advancement, and they strike their viewers into a future of possibilities.

Futurama: This show is connected with nerds. It’s also very into the future and shows a lot of technology.

Once upon a time: Had a lot of technology and science-related ideas that got geeks and nerds happy and entertained.

Trigun: All the technology and comedic wiseacres enjoyed this cartoon, and a lot more people found it worthy of watching.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: It was all about who had the most technology to win the war and save the future world. 

The Jetsons: This cartoon took the technology of the future to a whole new level. And yes, they got the nerds intrigued too. 

Science-related cartoons for nerds

In this category, all of the cartoons for nerds are science-related and portray one or more scientists. 

Dexter’s laboratory: This is possibly the oldest and most science-related nerd cartoon of all time. 

Rick & Morty: This is one of those shows that had a perfect blend of funny and science-related. And nerds just loved it.

Teenage mutant ninja turtle: This show may not have had a lot of science aspects, but it is about mutant turtles so it should be able to pass for one.

Pinky and the brain: Well this was possibly the best science cartoon of all times and nerds still chew it up till today.

Gravity falls: This cartoon explores a lot of the science world and even broke barriers with time travel and more. This instantly won the show a place among nerds.

Cartoons for nerds on video and comic

All the cartoons for nerds in this category are short videos, or at least they started as a video. Otherwise, the cartoon was originally a comic. 

Star Wars: Although this cartoon has so many variations, the original Star Wars was written as a screenplay. Of course, no wiseacre is above the Star Wars kingdom.

Superman: There isn’t more to say, but that yes superman was first an action comic loved by wiseacres before it became the popular movie we all love

Batman: The same goes for this popular superhero we all love. Let’s be honest when it first came out in the early 1900’s only geeks knew the value of it.

Vixen: This is a web series or video comic series that took the world at a storm. Trust us when we say geeks and nerds loved and still love it.

Funny cartoons for nerds

In this category of nerds cartoons, there are lots of funny scenes that will make even non-nerds laugh. Explore these lists of new and old funny geek cartoons. 

Ed, Edd, and Eddy: This was a fantastic and funny cartoon that told of the struggles of adolescent nerdy boys and their everyday life.

Nichijou: This show is a comedic one that tells the story of young girls and their crazy everyday life choices. It is currently showing.

Cow and Chicken: This series was the epitome of a wiseacre. The chicken was a nerd that battled with love, life and growing up with a lot of funny choices and events along the way.

Invader Zim: This was one of those cartoons that nerds love. It was a perfect blend of everything and a completely funny blend. 

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