Gamer Girls Dating tips
Blog 03-10-2020

Gamer Girls Dating – All you need to know

It’s hard enough to ask a girl on a date, but a gamer girl is hard to find, not to mention having the guts to ask her out. Don’t worry; we tackled everything from finding a gamer girl to asking her out on a date effectively. We have also covered some tips that will help you out […]

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Best movies for nerds
Blog 30-09-2020

TOP-10 Movies for a Perfect Nerdy Date

Need a movie to impress your date? Then we have you covered. It is tough enough to pick a movie for the perfect date night, but it is exceptionally challenging for actual nerds. We are all fond of our nerdiness. While some of you might want movies that will give you and your already existing […]

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Nerdy Boyfriends
Blog 30-09-2020

7 Traits That Most Nerdy Boyfriends Have

Nerds are not just males and have multiple levels of social skills and living experiences. Whether you have always dated nerdy guys — or yourself are a nerd — there would be facets of your relationship that are not encountered by other couples. Ranging from how you interact with your partner or argue about your […]

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Five Fun Nerd Dates Ideas
Blog 04-09-2020

Five Fun Nerd Dates Ideas for Busy Singles

When you’re looking for love and considering nerd dating ideas, it helps to place yourself in the mind of a nerdy guy or geeky girl seeking dates. When dating, people feel nervous. Most nerds have tons of brainpower, so boring ideas for rendezvous won’t work. Fresh ideas for dates to enjoy with your partner will […]

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Dating a Nerdy Girl
Blog 25-08-2020

5 Tips for Dating a Nerdy Girl

Are you looking for love interests at the bookstore? Do you dream about meeting a brainy girl and cooking her lasagna? The search for this type of girl is many a smart guy’s fantasies, but not easy to find on matchmaking sites. Finding geeks for real-life fun is a challenge. Up for the ride? For […]

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Benefits of Dating a Nerd
Blog 20-08-2020

The Real Benefits of Dating a Nerd

Are you one of the single women seeking love online? If you want a smart boyfriend or husband for your next relationship, you can find a close connection to a brainy guy. When using romance or social networking sites to capture the real-life benefits of dating a nerd, you will meet guys searching for every […]

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