Crush Zone Review

Teenage love and dating are bright and beautiful… until they get ugly. People can’t sit in the same class, change their group of friends, that sort of thing. The Internet, or, rather, teenage dating sites, aims to change all of that by introducing teenagers to strangers… online… Well, that might sound like the best idea ever or something out of the horror movie – it all depends on a site that they are using. Today we’re going to analyze the Crush Zone – is it a great, safe place for children to hang around, or should you forever delete it from your bookmarks and never think about it again?


  • Completely free to use
  • An established dating website, it was made in 2014 and still is alive to this day
  • Has a forum, groups users join together and photo galleries
  • Absolutely no verification or safety precautions
Pros / Cons
  • This dating website is free
  • Several means of communication
  • Aimed at teens and teens only
  • The registration is quick
  • Fairly active forum
  • Not a single safety precaution
  • Outdated and ugly design
  • No mobile app
  • A paradise for predators of all kinds
  • No means of verifying how real the user you’re talking to is

Subscription Plans

If there’s one good thing that can be said about this dating platform is that it’s free. Users can communicate, seek each other out, join various groups and talk at a forum for no charge at all. There is a featured users tab, which means that the site was planning to introduce some sort of payment conditions, but for now, it only features a single user – the site’s admin.

Crush Zone Features

Crush Zone has its features, but they can hardly be called unique. One thing that stands out is the Groups – this one is rarely found anywhere else and serves as an addition to a forum that we’ll talk about later. The website has various groups of users, created, maintained, and joined by members after they sign up. Some groups have music lovers worshipping one specific band, others are home to people talking about life, and some are, of course, about dating. When you enter a dating group, you’ll see what users are in; the name of the group is usually the giveaway of what members in it are looking for, so join if you fit the criteria. The dating forum is small, with only a few discussion topics, and even general chat seems quite dead. And there’s an image gallery of all pictures that members upload to the website. Some might feel disturbing.

How to Start Dating at Crush Zone

Many dating platforms make their signup process extensive to fend off bots; others, on the contrary, make it incredibly simple with all the steps like looking at matches and completing your profile are being introduced only after users have signed up. Crush Zone is in between, leaning towards the latter type of dating services – there is its fair share of text boxes with information about you to complete to receive an account, but not all of them are necessary.

After signing up, you’re welcome to try the Groups tab, Forums, or Members. You can search through the latter by age, gender, and a few other parameters to find the dating partner who interests you the most.

Crush Zone sign in

Getting Started

To sign up on this dating site, you have to pick out a username (must be unique) and an email (the site says that it must be valid, but verification isn’t necessary to mingle here). Then, come up with the password and select your gender – every other field is optional. Although filling out your interests on this dating site might be the best bet to attract new users, choosing to confirm your country and the city will ease the search if someone is going to look for someone like you.

Making Contact

Once you’re in, you might probably wonder how to contact other members? No worries, Crush Zone works just like all dating sites in that regard. You can either:

  1. Go to the forum and start talking in various sections. Discuss your favorite music or say hello in General Chat.
  2. Join a dating group. There is no search, so you’ll have to either scroll through the most popular groups out there or find a hidden gem in the “latest” tab.
  3. Pick out a user manually from a list (people who are online get a special notch) or using the search.

Making Contact crush zone

Start Chatting

Found a member you like on Crush Zone? Great, now start talking to them. Once you are registered, a “message” button will open up in each user profile. Alternatively, you can comment on their “newsfeed” (more on that later on) or like their status to attract their attention and make them come to you. The same works for Forums and Groups (which have their own dedicated forum branches locked inside the group’s “main hall”, no matter is it related to dating or not).

Profile Quality

Not a lot of members on Crush Zone complete their profiles. Not that there were a lot of fields to complete, but only about each 10th member writes something about themselves other than indicating their city, country, and gender. There is a useful feature called Newsfeed that works just like updates on social media – each member can post something in their little blog located in their profile, update status and receive comments and likes to abovementioned updates.

Profile Quality crush zone

Security Measures

There are almost no security measures at Crush Zone. You can block a user you find annoying… and that’s it. No verification, no proof of identity, and we’ve yet to identify any work from a moderation team (and they have to take a look at the picture gallery!). In short – this site is not safe for teenagers, and we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, as any member can be either role-playing or be a predator in disguise.


Does Crush Zone track my location?

No, it does not. You can voluntarily submit it to the dating site, but it’s up to you.

Is it easy to create an account with Crush Zone?

It takes only a couple of minutes, or a single minute if you don’t want to provide any info about yourself.

How long is the satisfaction guarantee program on Crush Zone?

There is no satisfaction guarantee program on Crush Zone because the dating site is free to use.

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