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Cuddli is a dating app for self-proclaimed geeks and nerds. Once upon a time, these words had a negative meaning. However, these days, these are cool and acceptable to most people, even those who do not understand nerdy pastimes or passions.

Singles that fall into these categories often think of themselves as loners and believe it will be hard for them to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Traditional dating sites are often a misfit for them. This is where Cuddli comes in with its nerdy and geeky member base, though it happens to be a small community.

You can feel free to discuss your favorite science magazine or sci-fi movie with them, and feel at home.

A Summary of Our Cuddli Review

If you like to think of yourself as a geek and want to hang out with or date like-minded people, make friends with or fall in love with other geeks who understand your passions, Cuddli is the right dating app for you. The signing up process is seamless and smooth, setting you up to start swiping right away.

However, there is no scope to put up details about yourself in the profile area if you would like to do that. As a result, your profile would be looking incomplete. If you feel like that, we agree with you. And so do the profiles of all other members. Nevertheless, there is a good range of icons and emojis to express your geekiness well.

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The Main Pros & Cons of Cuddli

We have researched the app thoroughly and think these are the main pros and cons:

Pros / Cons
  • If you think of yourself as a geek, you'll find others to date who are just like you.
  • Start swiping right away after a short and quick signing up procedure.
  • All daters here are looking for geeky partners, so you can just be yourself and not have to pretend.
  • The iOS version of the app has lots of bugs that are yet to be fixed.
  • It has a small user base due to being a new entrant in the market
  • It may take a lot of time to get off the chatting phase and meet your date in real life

Design and Usability

The design is pretty good, which is inevitable since the app is meant for geeks. There are no lengthy answers to type when you register; the process is fast, and you get to the dating arena in a short few minutes.

When you start communicating with other members, you might find the range of expressive icons and emojis handy. Safety and data protection are comparatively good, but the member base is very small, so you don’t have much to browse when looking for people to start dating.

This is a handicap that many users feel pulls the app down in popularity. A large community is always a good thing where dating is concerned; it gives you more choices. This is where Cuddli fails to make a mark.

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Getting Started with Cuddli

You have to download Cuddli from Google Play Store if you are on Android and from the Apple Store if you are on iOS. After you install it, you will get a prompt to enter your email address and join via Google Plus or Facebook. You cannot join if you don’t have either or both of these.

Next, you’ll get some basic questions to answer; you are in effect building up your profile, so answer honestly. After that, you can upload your favorite photos or selfies to make your profile more attractive.

If you are searching for space where you can write more about you and your interests, you won’t find any. You have to make do with a collection of icons to express yourself without words.

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Making Contact

Cuddli is meant solely for nerds and nerd-lovers, so make sure you fall into one of these categories before you decide to join the Cuddli community. You can communicate with another member if you match with each other. You can send as many messages as you like.

Once you start communicating with a person of your choice, you can start conversing on mathematics or literature or coding or gaming – whatever it is that enthralls you. You will probably succeed in getting a likeminded soul on the other side of the chat.

Once you click with each other, you can set up a real-life date and as true geeks, and integrate the dating details like date, time, and place into your Google calendar.

Paid Membership Account on Cuddli

Cuddli is a nerdy dating app, fast, fun and yes, wait for it… free! It does not have a paid membership option, and all functionalities are free to access. Unlike similar dating apps, there are no free and paid categories that divide members into privileged and non-privileged.

Some members are deprived of access to the most useful of tools and features like communicating with other members because they don’t want to pay up on other dating apps. Here, everything is free, and you are free to explore the app as much as you want.


Does Cuddli show your location?

Yes, the Cuddli app does show your location, and there’s no way for you to hide it. It tracks your location automatically, and once tracked, it cannot be changed.

Should I pay for Cuddli?

Cuddli is completely free to join and use, so you cannot pay for it even if you want to. All you need to do is register and start swiping.

Does Cuddli have fake profiles?

Cuddli has a very small user base, which is a big deal-breaker for many people. But that also being said, some of the profiles may well be fake, and there’s no way to be sure.

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