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Let the name of this website not fool you. DatingForMuggles.com is a dating website for people seeking serious relationships and marriage. Therefore, joining the website guarantees that you will meet serious nerdy singles who are seeking long-term partners.

This DatingForMuggles.com review gives you all the necessary information you need before you make a decision on whether to become a member of the site or not.

We start by giving you a summary of what DatingForMuggles.com is all about. We then hop into the pros and cons of the website. We also tell you about design and usability, how to join the platform, contacting other nerds on the website, and what it will cost you to be a premium member.

Summary Review

Let’s start by defining muggles. Muggles is the plural for a muggle. A muggle is an individual who lacks any magical abilities, borrowing from the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that DatingForMuggles.com is a dating service that caters to Harry Porter fans, nerds, geeks, or anyone who fits into that description. If you are a Potterhead or nerd who is into any works by J.K Rowling, read on to find out if this is the website you should use.

One of the major limitations of this platform is the lack of privacy. Anyone visiting the website can see your profile. But is this dating site worth your time, effort, and money? Find out.

Pros / Cons
  • It is a niche website.
  • There is a community of Harry Potter fans.
  • You can use extended search.
  • Enter and enjoy webcam chats.
  • You have to upgrade your account to enjoy the website fully.
  • There is a lengthy signup process on the site.
  • Website only targets Harry Porter fans - therefore, it is not for all geeks and nerds.

Design and Usability of the Platform

As expected, this website has a nerdy appeal. The interface is something any Harry Potter fan will like. The applicable criteria in the website’s basic search include age, gender, online now, and with photo only.

It means a nerd can find a fellow nerd of a specific age and with photos just through the basic search. An extended search will give you more options as you narrow down to particular people.

The website has paid Priority Listing as one of the search features. This feature enables your profile to be seen by more searches. It means more geeks are looking into your profile, increasing prospects of getting a match.

Or maybe you are a geek and looking for someone who is completely different from you, and you’ll still have access to them through Priority Listing. Furthermore, you can create a profile video that gives you an upper edge over other nerds on the platform.

Forget about your privacy when you join DatingForMuggles.com. It is because once you become a member, everyone will know that you are on the platform. It means all your information will be made public – including your photos.

Therefore, it is not the best dating site for the many people who prefer to keep it private when dating online or looking for partners through online platforms.
This dating service does not have an app.

So, you don’t have the convenience of browsing and chatting with members from a minimal app from anywhere you want. Although you may try the website’s mobile version, it’s still not as convenient as the mobile app.

Getting Started with the Dating Service

DatingForMuggles.com has a lengthy signup process – it can take up to 15 minutes. Therefore, you have to be patient and endure all the process involved before you finally become a member. Go to the website’s signup page and let them know who you are and the type of person or partner you are looking for.

It means that you’ll have to provide information about your gender as well as the gender of the people of your interest.

Be prepared to get some unwarranted messages from people with different sexual orientations on this platform. It is because the dating site is open to people of all orientations. If you prefer a platform that is specific to sexual orientation, DatingForMuggles.com is not for you.

For example, if you are straight, some gay singles might try to contact you. Similarly, straight singles might try to contact gay singles of the opposite sex or gender.

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Steps for Making Contact on DatingForMuggles.com

Talking with other members on this dating site is easy. The communication options are unlimited, especially after paying for a premium account. An upgraded account means you can have video chats or use webcam chats.

The Chat feature means you can send messages to anyone you like on the platform. In fact, you can flirt with members as you exchange personal information. Get into the video chats for a more personal touch with the person of your interest.

Start by checking out who is online to enjoy instant messaging and live video sharing. The website also lets you send voice messages.

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The Costs of a Paid Membership Account

DatingForMuggles.com gives new members a 5-days trial membership. It means you have a few days to try all features and see if it is worth paying for the account. Premium membership is priced on the duration you take.

A 1-month premium membership costs around 43.30 USD, while a 3-months membership costs around 66.70 USD. The 12-months package costs 140.32 USD.

Please note that you have to cancel your subscription to the 5-day trial plan as well as the premium packages before their expiry if you don’t want to extend them. Failure to cancel will see the plans automatically renewed.

Although it’s free to join, you can only get the most out of this website by paying. Most free members have a hard time interacting with other members, minimizing the chances of getting their match.

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Does DatingForMuggles.com Show Your Location?

Your location will be shown to people who are looking for members based on their location.

Should I Pay for DatingForMuggles.com

Paying for DatingForMuggles.com ensures that you get access to all features of the website.

Does DatingForMuggles.com Have Fake Profiles?

Yes, there are some fake profiles on the website.

DatingForMuggles.com main page


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