Ebonyflirt Review

Ebonyflirt was created a few years ago with the single purpose – to serve as one of the best black hookup dating sites, at least if you trust its creators. So far, our review confirms most of the things this site is known for: it has a large pool of black daters from 18 to 55+ years old and serves as a hub for all kinds of romantic adventures. Of course, there are members on Ebonyflirt who are more focused on the search for long-term lovers for an exclusive relationship, but there is a significant portion of (mostly young) users who are looking for fun with foreign singles on international dating sites without any strings or complication attached.


  • Used mostly by the Black community and people in their 20s or 30s
  • Several options for communication, flirty ice-breakers are provided by the site
  • Relatively cheap payment plans
  • Does not restrict itself to the single niche, offers not only dating for the Black community but welcomes seekers of interracial relationships
Pros / Cons
  • Sign up for free
  • Focuses on and respects the niche of Black dating
  • Strict moderation policy
  • Several communication options
  • A large database of Black singles all across the USA
  • Paid features are a must if you want to use the site to its full extent
  • No mobile app
  • Outdated design
  • Some users won’t respond even if they are active
  • Most profiles aren’t detailed

Subscription Plans

This matchmaking service doesn’t provide individual premium plans depending on what features members require; instead, there is one single platform-wide paid solution. The only difference is the time period you purchase premium access for. Right now, there is a 60% discount on all Ebonyflirt services, and here are the prices:

  • 1-day trial – $0,99
  • 1-week premium plan – $0,71 per day
  • The 1-month premium plan will cost $0,69 per day
  • The 3-month plan will be the cheapest overall, with $0,39 per day

Ebonyflirt Features

What are the matchmaking sites without unique features? Ebonyflirt has several. First is the Like Gallery – we can’t call it unique, per se, but it’s nice to see a site with a pretty old-school design adopting new romantic trends. So, if you thought that we’re talking about the Hot or Not matchmaking game, you were correct! Ebonyflirt unites old and new ways of meeting singles around you – either pick them up from the list (see the screenshot under “Making contact” section” or leave it to the game – click “Like,” and if it’s mutual, a new chat window will open. Another feature is FlirtCast – cast a mass spell on local singles with the single message telling everyone that you’re willing to meet a black partner! And our favorite feature is Safe Dating. If you don’t like to receive messages from unverified accounts (and anyone can be behind them) – click it, and you’ll become invisible to them.

How to Start Dating at Ebonyflirt

So, if you’re interested in a brand of black dating that Ebonyflirt represents and decide to check it out. How do you join the service?

The signup page is simple and only has 5 textboxes for you to fill. The first one is your gender selection and info on who you are looking for, then you choose your age, and the last one is location. Pay attention to it, as the site almost always nails your city and the ZIP code, but if it somehow doesn’t, you’ll have to fill it in yourself.

Pay close attention to the “Email” and “password” text boxes, as email needs to be valid for you to find a verification email EbonyFlirt sends you. The password needs to be strong enough so no ill-willed person could ever break into your account.

Once you’re in, the site will persistently ask you to complete the details on your profile and upload at least a single picture. While not necessary, it helps establish your persona and make you more successful while looking for a relationship online, so consider doing so sooner rather than later.

ebonyflirt sign up

Getting Started

Making your own profile is relatively easy. You have all those base stats to fill and tweak, like sexual preference, ethnicity, body type, hair, and eye color, then – add a bit about yourself and who you are looking for. Uploading a photo is strongly advised, as one of the matchmaking features here relies on it immensely, and you wouldn’t want to skip it. Finally, take the time to search for the verification email we mentioned above in your inbox – verification notch makes you visible for singles with the “Safe Dating” option turned on and eases your quest for love.

Making Contact

Even without creating your profile, you can go right in and take a look at a site’s member base. The main page is your main hub to see all the singles around you – Ebonyflirt uses geolocation, so it will tell the user how far another member is from them over their profile. Under each picture, there are “like” and “chat” buttons – press the like and store the profile in your Favorites and return to it when you are in the flirty mood, press the chat if the mood is here already and you can’t wait to try your pick up lines on a cute black girl from the neighborhood.

Making Contact on ebonyflirt

Start Chatting

So, what about a chat? You have three ways to get in contact with another user:

  • Go to the “Like Gallery” tab. There, you’ll see pictures from other users to like or pass on, if you like them and they like you back – it’s a match, and your chat is created. Sounds familiar, right? This feature is common for online matchmaking sites, but it’s working.
  • Use the main page. It’s as straightforward as it gets – go in, pick a user, start a chat.
  • Use the search. Remember all those checkboxes in your profile? These are parameters you can use to find another user searching for romance and dates, so one seeks to find a tall, short-haired girl with black eyes – this is their best bet.

Besides, you can use pictures and short videos in a chat. Although Ebonyflirt policies are pretty strict about it – if you receive a complaint, you’ll be banned from this site.

Profile Quality

Now, profile quality is a thing where this matchmaking site doesn’t excel. Only a few members have all their details put out for everyone to see, and even fewer are writing something about themselves or have more than one picture. Although if you use the “safe dating” mode and choose to contact only verified members of the Ebonyflirt service, that’s where quality goes up. Still, at a platform like this, the profile having too few details is not a bad thing, as dating here is meant to be taken offline as soon as possible.

ebonyflirt profile

Security Measures

Dating sites often lack security features (remember the AshleyMadison fiasco a few years back?), but EbonyFlirt doesn’t have any scandals behind its back, which is commendable. User’s data are SSL-encrypted, which means no one will learn your dating history. All the usual problems users might face on this matchmaking site are described in the FAQ section, and if it doesn’t solve your query, talk to customer support via the email available in the said section. The “safe dating” feature we talked about a few times in our review can help to fend off unverified bots, and if a real user is causing you trouble – the “block” button is available in each user profile.


Does Ebonyflirt track my location?

Yes, it does. It checks out your location each time you log in to provide you with the list of nearby singles seeking partners.

Is it easy to create an account with Ebonyflirt?

It will take about a minute, as there are only a few checkboxes to fill, and all the other details are unnecessary.

How long is the satisfaction guarantee program on Ebonyflirt?

There is no refunds policy on Ebonyflirt once the premium subscription has been activated. Use the site how you see fit in a time of a subscription, but it’s the best you can do.

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