FEM Dating App Review

FEM dating app is becoming very popular among people who love TikTok and other video dating apps. Like other similar apps, it is not designed for long-term, serious dating and is mainly geared towards women who would like to get involved in healthy flirting. While it is created for female users, it does not stop others from joining. There are no restrictions on different gender presentations, but you need to have a video to join the community. The visual element of FEM makes it a lot more attractive, as now you can search for potential dating partners through videos instead of photos. Overall, it is one must-try dating app to help you enjoy online dating more.


The FEM dating app is fast becoming a lucrative free application-focused mainly on lesbians and bisexual dating. You will really love how simple it is to find people who share the same sexual orientation. Being able to search through exciting videos makes this app a lot more useful than many other lesbian teen dating sites. You can connect with entertaining friends with ease and start chats whenever you like. There is nothing complicated about being a member, so long as you understand how to shoot and upload an entertaining video. You will also find it easy to access it from different parts of the world, as it supports as many as 20 languages. Premium membership offers additional benefits, but you can always start with a free membership, which can be availed by uploading a video or rating the FEM dating app. For a 14 days free membership, all you have to do is invite friends to the app. Overall, it offers a good dating experience and helps keep you entertained all the time.

Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Available in 20 languages
  • Easy to join by uploading a video
  • The exceptional response rate from members
  • Social chat rooms to initiate group chats
  • Various premium plans are available for every budget
  • Quite limited in terms of sexual orientation
  • Location info could be more secure
  • Premium accounts are a bit on the expensive side
  • A bit complicated to join than other sites

Subscription Plans

On FEM, things are a bit different from how you see on other lesbian dating sites. Here, you will have to get used to the coin system. The more coins you have, the higher the number of features you could utilize. To get coins in bulk, you will have to go premium, and that is when you need to spend $1.99 to get 100 coins. For 1500 coins, you need to spend $19.99, whereas 3000 coins would cost you $34.99. Alternatively, you can switch to a time-based membership plan, which would cost you $14.99 for one month. A 3-month plan costs $9.99/month, whereas a 12-month plan costs $4.99/month. So, various options are available, and you can pick one as per your budget.

FEM Features

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will like its simple user interface and the way everything is put together. As it is a video dating app, you will find videos everywhere, and you can shortlist a few using different tags. Mobile and group text chat will continue to be the major features of this app. You can also find social chat rooms, and one of many features available to premium members is a “private inbox” where you can share stuff exclusively available to your selected partner only. For upgraded members, it is also possible to share video, audio, and photo in chats. Similarly, they can also check “who viewed their profile” or “who liked them back.” So, surely, you will find various features on this app, but remember that they are most useful when you are a premium member or have enough coins.

How to Start Dating on FEM

To get started, you will have to download the FEM dating app, and it is never tricky at all. The registration process is fairly simple, but some new members may find it a bit tricky, as they have to upload a video first. Once you are in, you will be able to browse videos and identify the best matches. You will also find suggested matches and meet people in the group chat area. Unfortunately, you will need premium accounts or buy coins to interact with those members.

fem main page

Getting Started

It takes no more than five minutes to download and start using the app. Of course, certain factors, like your internet speed, etc., may have a role to play, but the app itself is very stable and works smoothly. Once inside, you can browse through videos of lesbians and bisexual singles. Simply click the “like” button to grab someone’s attention, and now keep your fingers crossed to hear something back from them. You can head to the group chat area or upgrade your account to start chatting privately if it goes well.

Making Contact

You will need coins in order to find and make contact with others. Without coins, it is not possible to even send a “Hi” to others. Similarly, you can enjoy your time in the group chat section when you have a certain number of coins in your wallet. Thankfully, you can complete various tasks to win free coins and then get an idea about premium accounts. With coins, the search function will work flawlessly as well. You can browse through videos of lesbians and other adult female members who may be looking for bi-dating and then send them a like. Their response will decide where you can take your dating game. A positive response would let you start a chat, and that is when you can turn a potential partner into a real mate.

Making Contact fem

Start Chatting

Getting in touch with other members is easy, and it is just as simple to start chatting. If you like someone and they like you back, it means you can now start connecting. You can head to the group chat area and exchange messages and videos if you like. It is better to go premium if you want to utilize the chat feature and unlock some amazing privileges on FEM.

Profile Quality

Profiles are quite impressive on the FEM platform because you have to upload your video in order to join. You can get to know a lot about a user just by exploring their profile. The good thing is that they screen profiles regularly, so you are less likely to find any fake profiles while searching for partners.

Security Measures

As mentioned already, it seems that they have some sort of a screening system in place because there is a high percentage of authentic and real profiles. You may occasionally bump into a fake profile, but they are usually very easy to spot. The use of SSL encryption means your data is well-protected on this dating site. Some users have shown a bit of concern regarding their location info being a bit too exposed. It has never created an issue, but it is better to improve on this front.


Will FEM Track Your Location?

Yes, it will, and it helps you find relevant profiles near you.

Is It Hard to Register on FEM?

No, it is not difficult, but it may be a bit tricky at first, as you have to upload a video to join.

Is There a Satisfaction Guarantee on FEM?

No, there is no mention of any satisfaction guarantee on the FEM video dating application.

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