Five Fun Nerd Dates Ideas for Busy Singles

Five Fun Nerd Dates Ideas

When you’re looking for love and considering nerd dating ideas, it helps to place yourself in the mind of a nerdy guy or geeky girl seeking dates. When dating, people feel nervous. Most nerds have tons of brainpower, so boring ideas for rendezvous won’t work. Fresh ideas for dates to enjoy with your partner will call for detailed planning to score big! You can’t skip certain things, such as convincing them to leave their usual activities and freeing their mind. The goal is to stand out from other prospects in the dating world without annoying your date!

Like all adults, nerds hope to find a real connection for lonely nights. Based on their dating history, they don’t necessarily want to fall in love with other geeks. They want to share their passions and ideas with another attractive mate who won’t be judgmental or lacking their own interests and passions. Therefore, if you pick a place that becomes too loud or offensive, perhaps overrun with blaring or shallow people, you can make nerd dates feel awkward. It doesn’t hurt to ask for what they like, including restaurant and movie ideas, before planning your dates.

The Coolest Nerds Dates Start With These Ideas

Before you start searching online for dates with your mate or geeky love, don’t overthink it. That’s what nerds would do when listing their ideas for dates! You want to plan your time together, so your partner feels comfortable and wants to lighten up and let their guards down! Take the pressure off for impressing your partner with how smart you are! Think about dates involving action, so time goes by fast before your time with each other is over!

  • Read his or her dating profile carefully and learn what hobbies like gaming are most relevant to dating. If she loves chocolate, maybe you can visit a chocolate factory. If he loves books, how about coffee and dessert at the book cafe? Be sure to have your vision to contribute to the pursuit of any hobby.
  • Meet up with another couple for dinner. Couples won’t be overly interested in whether a nerd likes you. Take a painting class together or have drinks at a sports bar and share each person’s hobbies. A group outing takes the pressure off everyone.
  • Set up a romantic picnic and walk in the park. Be sure to plan for entertainment to fill the time like doing a craft together, playing frisbee, or watching a band. If your partner is into fitness, bring bikes or a kayak for hours of fun.
  • Plan a short road trip. Consult a map for state parks, historical sites, farms, and an exciting museum for low-key rendezvous. Get to know each other while driving to and from the destination. Dates that are too complex are bad.
  • Ask to meet their friends or bring them to work events. You will learn a lot about what’s essential to a prospective partner by seeing how they interact with coworkers and associates.

Take Time to Organize Nerdy Dates

Someone interested in your nerdy side and personal interests like board games, video gaming, or science won’t get hung up on the restaurant you pick or if the band sucks. They want to relax and enjoy the conversation without having to answer too many questions. A first or second date is full of anxiety and unknown factors for both people. Seeing nerdy but awesome people takes time and must allow everyone to adjust and become a little more vulnerable.

You can have a fresh conversation topic ready, such as a new book you are reading or some trivia you learned online. A new partner will appreciate any ways you keep the conversation flowing during the planned activity.

Be Yourself on Nerds Dates

An intelligent or perceptive single person will know if you are being fake or downplaying your hobbies or strengths when you hand out together. He or she will decide quickly if there will be more dates.

  • Maximize your time together on the night of dates – play games or discuss recent cultural or scientific events.
  • Be honest, maintain contact, and offer authentic responses during chitchat. The best nerds dating websites make it easy for you, the new user, to describe your personality, talk over chat or video, and build up to a first meeting.
  • Stay away from overly serious or nerdy topics or too much sharing, so you don’t scare a new person away!

Without sparks between you and another single nerd whom you met online in nerdy fashion, there’s no need to plan additional nerds dates. If you’re on top of your game, your romantic, fun, and geeky partner will want to see you again.

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