Gamer Girls Dating – All you need to know

Gamer Girls Dating tips

It’s hard enough to ask a girl on a date, but a gamer girl is hard to find, not to mention having the guts to ask her out. Don’t worry; we tackled everything from finding a gamer girl to asking her out on a date effectively. We have also covered some tips that will help you out on your quest since our goal is to make dating a gamer girl easy.

Find Someone Who Shares Similar Interest

You do not have to shoot the gaming question right from the get-go unless that’s your style. A better approach is first to find things you both love and a hobby or two that you might share, and then pick up your steps from thereon. You can explore much more this way, and if one thing clicks, you’re sure on the right to track to a successful relationship.

Join an Online Gaming Community

It is no doubt that the fastest way of finding a gamer girl who plays the same video games as you and shares the same love for it is closer than you think. In an online gaming community, you need to sign up, create a profile, and join forums related to your favorite video games.

Gamer Girls Work in Commonplaces

Although video gaming shops are a notorious spot for being a hostile environment for a gamer, seven times out of the ten chances, you will find a female working there. Real-life encounters tend to translate faster into a real relationship as a face-to-face encounter can be much more fun and feel more genuine. But make sure you are not disrupting her work!

Don’t look for love if you are not ready to commit

It is a given in any relationship that time is crucial, and so is communication. Initial attraction may come based on your love for video games and finding someone to play with you, but it shouldn’t be limited to gaming. If you can’t commit time to get to know her, there is no point. Every girl has fun playing but not being played with.

Try your luck Online

There are enumerable dating sites out there targeted explicitly towards finding any type of gamer girl. If local video game stores might seem too aggressive to you, then online dating may be something that could work best for you. Quick Flirt is our number one recommendation on this dating sites for gamers and nerds list, and it’s relatively simple to make a profile here.

  1. You add the necessary information as you would on any dating site.
  2. On the homepage itself you’ll have to add information such as: age, gender, interest, e-mail, password, location;
  3. A confirmation email will then be sent to you;
  4. Once the account is activated you’ll be asked to add a profile picture (you can skip this step), this step is highly moderated and all pictures are approved before upload;
  5. Then you’ll be asked to add more information (you can skip this step too!) such as: small description, profession, ethnicity, bloody type, hair color;
  6. Voila! You can now freely browse and view other profiles, each profile shows the distance between you and the person you’re interested in;
  7. You can also send “flirt casts”, these are like mass messages you can send at once to multiple users, increasing your chance of scoring;
  8. Further options allow you to filter the age group, distance and gender you’re interested in.

Online dating does not have to be limited to dating sites. You can unquestionably turn massively-multiplayer online (MMO) gaming experience into a real love story. Besides, a story about how someone’s relationship blossomed there is typical.

How Can You Make Girl Gamer Dating Fun?

The point of being in love is to be happy, and there are endless ways of keeping your gamer girl satisfied. Here are our top picks on what you can do to make girl gamer dating fun.

  • Take her on a movie date night; even better is when the movie adapts their favorite game.
  • Want to surprise her with something? Gift her one of the newest releases from her favorite studio.
  • If you want something fun to enjoy together, why not select a day and a place to tag along (a comic-con or convention works best)
  • Halloween is more fun; it is one day you both can dress up by cosplaying (without getting weird stares) as your favorite characters from your favorite games or go for the couple look from games that you both adore!