Geeky Sex Toys

Geeky Sex Toys

Sex toys are a popular addition to most couple’s love life. They are untraditional and sometimes seen as a hindrance to the natural lovemaking purpose. However, it is undoubtedly a popular choice for modern lovers. Although sex is all about intimacy and love, it is also about satisfaction and fantasy. When dating a nerd or geek, you should be prepared to take up some nerdy sex toys. Here are some of the nerdy sex ideas to expect.

Why do nerds and geeks need sex toys?

For every nerd or geek, there are two significant reasons why they would need a sex toy.

First, for many nerds, sex is not the easiest thing to get. They most times find it harder to hook up with girls speak less of getting laid. This instantly requires them to take advantage of the various toys available to them. 

Second, many nerds do have girlfriends or boyfriends, and some, of course, there are sexy nerds that girls and guys fall for. To spice of their relationships, these nerds will make use of adult toys.

These reasons, irrespective of what is it all comes down to the need for sexual satisfaction. For single geeks and couples who want more fun or more orgasms, there is always a reason to have a sex toy with you.

Nerdy sex toys for personal use

For a nerd looking to have a bit of fun alone, the silicon dildo is a good choice. It’s explorative and a generally popular tool. Here is a list of adult sexy toys for nerdy girls and guys.

  • Sex toys for geeky girls use
  • Zombie dildo uncut
  • Drodong silicone dragon dildo
  • Octopussy dildo
  • Batt plug
  • BCSM wolf and dragon nipple clamps
  • Sex toys for geeky guys use
  • Captain anal butt plug
  • Hand solo
  • Nerdy sex ideas to explore as a couple.

Most nerds and geeks are committed to their fantasy. It is who they are, and of course, they will take whatever step necessary to enjoy these fantasies in all aspects of their lives. For a person dating a nerd or a geeky couple, there are many grand sex ideas to explore that will take your lovemaking to another level. Here are some of our grander ideas which you can follow:

Role-playing fantasy: Whoever said that role-playing could not get naughty and sexy. Geeky couples can put on costumes of their favorite characters and take on roles. From Star Wars to Pokemon, to GOT there are so many characters to explore. Be a captive, be a hero, be a slave, or be naughty, whatever choice you take to, suit up with the right costume and have the pleasure of your life.

Geeky sex toys: There are many geeky sex toys available now for couples to use. We are talking dildo’s in dragon, unicorn horn, dead pool, Pokemon, Star Wars, and Thor hammer form. There are vibrators in the shape of ducks, penguins, zombies, cartoons, and more. There are gags, butt plugs, and much more. Regardless of what couple you are or your sexual fantasy, there are toys available; you just have to get them and use them to enhance your pleasure. 

Will It Destroy Your Normal Sex Life?

Absolutely no! Sex toys allow couples to show their intimacy and sexuality towards each other. These little devices won’t ruin your normal sex life. Instead, it would boost both partners’ sexual pleasure and make boring lovemaking fun again, especially when using them to stimulate their partner.

Some men are often concerned about their ability to make a woman orgasm, as women are usually concerned about reaching climax during sex. Introducing sex toys and nerdy sex games and role-playing, especially in couple’s sex toys like Geeky sex toys into the bedroom, will provide a level of confidence for both of you.

Sex toys can help you discover how your partner orgasms and what it takes to make them feel satisfied. Arousal with a nerdy sex toy does not destroy your normal life. Instead, it is a perfectly healthy way to increase your partner’s pleasure and bring something modern into the relationship.

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