How to Be Certain That a Nerd Likes You

nerd likes you

It is quite challenging to decipher how a particular person feels about us. Do you have someone you admire and would love to know how the person feels about you? This is a difficult task because it is quite hard to read someone’s mind. However, it is even harder to tell if a nerd likes you because they don’t act like most other guys. Geeks are romantic people if you give them a chance to show you who they are. If you are interested in how to tell if a nerd likes you, below are some of the ways to be sure;

1) He Never Wants to End the Conversation with You

If a nerd like you, he/she will always want to keep the conversation going. If you are chatting, the nerd who likes you will keep asking questions just to know you more and hear your opinions about several things. Whenever you guys are together, he will try as much as possible to keep his smartphone away and keep you away from yours so you can both pay attention to the conversation.

2) He is Interested in What You Have to Say

A nerd that likes you will always pay attention to what you have to say just to know more about you. They remember even the tiniest details you mentioned in some of your past conversations because they are interested in you. If you find a nerd that listens attentively to you while you are expressing your mind, it is because he likes you.

3) He Isn’t Himself Around You

If you are with a nerd and you discover he is quite nervous and agreeing with all you are saying, this is because he likes you. He might not be too sure how to compose himself whenever he is around you; this is because he is also trying to figure out if you are interested in him or not. Do not lose interest in him because of his nervousness; he is nervous because he likes you and trying to impress you.

4) He Keeps the Conversation Online

Having a face-to-face conversation can be quite tricky for geeks because they are shy and feel nervous whenever they are close to you. If you have a nerd friend who prefers to chat with you online rather than talking to you face-to-face, consider that he is still reaching out no matter the medium being used. Nerds prefer to know you and make some introduction online before building the confidence to face you.

5) He’s Always Lending a Helping Hand

If a nerd likes you, he will always lend a helping hand even before requesting his help. You should try to notice how fast your geek friends respond to your request. The ones that like you will try impressing you by offering to help you with even the smallest favors. This is because it allows them to be in your presence, and the help you need from them serves as a conversation opener. Nerds that like you will always offer to help you whether you ask for their help or not.

6) He Inspires You to Be Better

If a nerd likes you, he will always push you to be a better person. He encourages you to take that bold step you’ve been procrastinating. Whether it is your academics or sports, he will always motivate you and encourage you to be the best you can be. This is because he desires the best for you. If you find a nerd who does all these for you, it is because he likes you.


Nerdy guys are great, and they make awesome boyfriends. If you wonder if a nerdy guy likes you, the above tips can help you know. He will try as much as possible to make you notice he is interested in you, and at the same time won’t overtry because they are shy.

He will always be there to assist you and always be there to keep your company. Nerds are hot and caring if you get to know them better. Dating a nerd is fun; give a geek a chance today and experience real love.

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