What It Is Like to Date a Giant Nerd

my giant nerd boyfriend

Having a tall boyfriend looks quite adorable, but being with a giant can cause certain inconveniences. Nerd dating sites are useful in finding a partner, but in so many ways, dating a giant nerd is different from being with any other guy.

There may be some pros and cons, but the fact is that those “studious intellectual” folks make great partners. They love to go the distance to acquire skills and knowledge. But, when you are with a giant nerd, it makes sense to know what to expect from your relationship.

Pros of Dating a Giant Nerd

Many people are of the view that height does not matter in a relationship, especially when the chemistry is there between two people. It may be true, but if you dig deeper, you will know that there are perks of being with a giant nerdy guy. For instance:

  • Giant or not, geeks are mentally quite animating and commonly savvy at the same time. You will have an active lifestyle because of their interest in so many things. The best part is that your geek boyfriend will always be there to offer a solution to whatever issue you have. They are more like a reference book where you can find a reasonable clarification for almost anything.
  • Giant nerds can be very passionate, and that helps them be successful. That is probably the reason why there is a long list of under-30 nerd CEOs who found success a lot early in their lives because of their passion for what they do. Bill Gates, for instance, used his passion for computers and built a multibillion-dollar empire around it. Your giant nerd boyfriend may make a name for himself soon, so being supportive will earn you some respect too.
  • A great reason to be with a nerd, giant or not, is that they are not superficial. They are not shallow and would not judge you for who you are. Nerd culture is usually based on accepting yourself with all your flaws. It is quite evident in people who embrace pop culture openly.
  • You have a personal ladder at home because he can help you pick anything up from any height. And your giant nerd would love it, even more, to lift you or help you climb to grab what you want. Romantic, isn’t it?
  • Hugging your tall boyfriend will be a great experience because you can lay your face on his chest and listen to his heartbeat. Ask a question, and your geeky boyfriend may explain all about the way your heart functions. Enjoy the conversation!
  • Making your nerd boyfriend join you at a music concert would not be an issue, or you can visit any festival to spend some quality time. The best part is that you will have the best seat if your man is willing to have you on his shoulders. You can see all the action happening on stage without having to jump every few seconds.

Cons of Dating a Giant Nerd

Most women do not want to be taller than their boyfriends, but it can cause some problems when the height difference is more than one foot. For instance:

  • Even though it feels good to be with someone passionate about something, it may even help him become the next billionaire, but that also means you will have to bear with their obsessive nature. Truly, passion can work as a double-edged sword, and if your partner is too engrossed in something, you will be the one to suffer.
  • Passion will always be the keyword to describe a nerd, and where it can keep them from giving you enough time; it may also make them ignore self-care too. Do not be too surprised to see your giant nerd setting most of the healthy habits aside. They are always absorbed with intellectual pursuits, so they are likely to ignore nutrition, sleep, and exercise.
  • While your tall boyfriend may not be too picky about clothes and how he looks, you will have a hard time finding the right stuff for him to wear. It will be nothing less than a mission to find clothes that fit him perfectly.
  • Dancing is not going to work for both of you. Most nerds would not score well in this regard, anyway, but do not expect such stunts out of a giant nerd, girls.
  • Do not feel surprised if you notice that your boyfriend’s head is always out of the picture. It can make your rare moments hard to capture, and that struggle is going to stick with you forever. They may help you take a good selfie, though, thanks to their long arms that save you from buying a selfie stick.

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