Nerdy girl problems

Generally, one of the many nerdy girl problems is her emotional immaturity. Find out how to handle nerdy girl’s emotional issues through our detailed approach.  

Causes of the emotional instability of a nerd girl

Nerdy girls’ emotional issues all come from their lack of emotional intelligence. This is probably because they never worked on it through dating and other relationships. A nerd girl is possibly a book worm that spends more time on her books or in various fandoms. They live out lives of fantasy and get absorbed into the worlds they read. This means that they gain prowess in their fantasy lives but have zero emotional stability in the real world.

Emotional insatiability problems when dating a nerd girl

Girl problems are the usual topic for men. And many people seem to have gained useful knowledge on how to survive through it. However, these problems are not the same as nerdy girl problems. When choosing to date a nerd, there is a lot you need to be prepared for. Nerds are intelligent, beautiful women, who are sadly underdeveloped emotionally. They view life in a different way and will expect you to do the same. Here are some of the problems to expect when dating a nerd or geek.

  1. Fantasy and reality: Nerds and geeks are fans, so expect the girl to be a die-hard fan. This can be cute but until it isn’t. You will experience many times when your girlfriend pulls the fantasy world into reality or vice versa. It’s not like they don’t know the difference between both; they get so cut up in their fandoms that they want to make it a reality.
  2. Social distancing: Many geek or nerd girls battle with socializing. They are generally socially awkward and will probably have a hard time dating a very social person. Yet a nerd girl is socially dominant in her world of fantasy. Once they take on that persona of those in their books, they become fearless. This, unfortunately, fuels their inferiority complex in the real world, since they believe they cannot be great without that persona.
  3. Obsessive: They can be obsessive. Then again, we are talking about a fangirl who reads a book and makes it her life. So, expect some form of clinging, crying and obsessive reactions. 

How to handle nerdy girl problems

Like everyday girl problems, nerdy girl problems can be solved. For a guy who wishes to begin a relationship with a nerd girl, you have to be willing to make certain changes and approaches to soothe your emotionally underdeveloped girlfriend. The truth is these girls are filled with love and will shower it on anyone they deem worthy. So here is how to express your love for them.

  1. Take an interest in their books: This will mean that you become a reader and a fanboy yourself. Even if you don’t get that far into bigotry, you should show her that you care for what she does and supports her. This will boost her self confidence in your relationship.
  2. Teach her the difference between reality and fantasy: She probably already knows this but always tell her that she is going off to her fantasy when she does. If she gets called back each time she derails, she will understand that she needs to create a world between these two.
  3. Take the socializing business slowly: She already feels awkward around people, so go slowly in the socializing game. Make her acquainted with those close to you and not the general crowd. If she slowly accepts those around you, then she can slowly accept more social gatherings.
  4. Show her you love her regularly: This goes for all-girl problems. As long as you regularly reassure her of your love, she will know it and be satisfied and pleased.

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