Nerdy Pickup Lines to Blow Away Minds

nerdy pick up lines

Everyone has interests in different things, so we are all nerdy to a certain level. However, getting the ideal lady or guy to chat with is one of the problems nerds and geeks face regarding relationships. Pickup lines are very useful in getting you the partner of your dreams. However, it can also ruin your chances if you don’t make use of the appropriate ones.

If you are a nerd who is finding it hard to reply to your crush, pick up lines are the perfect option for you. Unleash the fantastic beast in you when you make use of nerdy pickup lines.

Some of the best pickup lines for nerds are:

  1. You are so FINe; I guess you are made up of Fluorine (F), Iodine (I), and Neon (Ne): this is a way of capturing your fellow scientist’s heart by showing off your nerdy skills.
  2. I would have your number already if your name were Avogadro: Every science student is familiar with Avogadro’s number. This is a famous pickup line amongst nerds.
  3. I’m guessing your name is Wi-Fi because I feel a connection: Wi-Fi connection works between devices. This is a nerdy way of saying you feel a connection between you two.
  4. I have my ion you 24/7: when nerds say they have ion you, they are merely saying they have an eye on you. Fellow nerds usually find this cute.
  5. The doctor said I lack Vitamin U: when you lack a particular nutrient, it results in a deficiency. Nerds use this line to express their desire for whosoever they are chatting with.
  6. Even without Gravity, I am still falling for you: Gravity is concerned about anything that goes up, which must surely come down. This is a cute way of saying I am falling in love with you.
  7. My love for you is eternal like pi’s value: just like we know that pi is an irrational number that doesn’t end. It is a way that nerd use to express their eternal love.
  8. You are my hydrogen because you appear at the top of my periodic table: hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table. This is a way of telling nerdy people they are your top priority.
  9. Let us transform our PE to KE: Potential Energy deals with stability due to position, while Kinetic Energy deals with motion. This is a way of saying, “let’s get our relationship moving.”
  10. Give me a chance, and I promise I won’t take you for Granite: this is a nerdy way that geeks use to tell you they won’t take you for granted.
  11. I know you are an Algebraist, so can you replace my X without knowing Y: This is a common pickup line that is simply asking someone to replace your ex (become your new partner).
  12. My life without you is similar to a laptop without an operating system: your computer would stop working without an operating system. It is a way of telling a geek how important he/she is to you.
  13. Hi, I am Microsoft by name. Do you mind if I crash at your place today?
  14. You operate just like Google because you have all the info I seek.
  15. You are CuTe, are you a combination of Copper (Cu) and Tellurium (Te)
  16. I’m saving some of the critical dates in a calendar year; would you love to feature them.
  17. Are you one of the planets because you orbit around the sun?
  18. You are super-hot, I’m sure you are one of the causative agents of global warming
  19. Just like a dictionary, I’m sure you will provide meaning to my life.
  20. I picture you and I so close even though I’m not a professional photographer
  21. My life without you is like a paragraph without punctuation marks; it’s confusing.
  22. I’m so in love with U; I guess that’s why Uranium is my beloved element.


Nerds are cool, and they need love just like we all do. Going through the above Nerdy pickup lines would give you several options of lines to use on your secret crush the next time you chat.

Do not hesitate to use any of these lines; you can use your genius initiative to invent an excellent line of yours. Try this today and begin chatting with the coolest singles nearby.

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