OkCupid Review

If you’re interested in knowing which dating websites are best to join, OkCupid ranks high in there among other gay teen dating sites. This is not just a lucky coincidence for the dating app since they have created a pretty put-together application for people interested in creating meaningful connections rather than the usual swiping left and right. It’s no secret that when looking for our soulmate, we focus more on the person’s personality we’re trying to date. The platform has an uncanny matching system that makes it the first choice when it comes to quality online dating. You can discover more in OkCupid.com review below!


OkCupid is an open platform that welcomes everyone who wants to create long-term relationships with other like-minded people looking for the same thing. This is one of the main reasons why the registration process is very thorough and will make your experience on the website go as smoothly as possible. Once you decide to join, you have to provide basic information about yourself and other details that present you best. The dating app is open to all genders and sexualities and takes pride in the wide selection it provides for non-binary people to choose the one that fits them best. OkCupid has a very clean interface that works very well, and it’s simple to use for everyone. You can choose to pay for different membership options, which will elevate your experience on the site and help you find quality matches much easier than free membership. By paying for a premium subscription, you also get access to many extra features that would otherwise be unavailable. Read our OkCupid app review to find out more!

Pros / Cons
  • Messaging other members is available for free
  • Very gender-fluid
  • Clean and smooth interface
  • Premium comes with a lot of extra features
  • Very responsive mobile app
  • You might get overwhelmed by messages
  • You can get catfished
  • Has a lot of on-site adds
  • Search filters sometimes don't work properly

Subscription Plans

Pricing planDurationCosts
A-List pricing plansOne month$9.95/per month
A-List pricing plansThree months$7.95/per month
A-List pricing plansSix months$4.95/per month
A-List Premium pricing plansOne month$24.90/per month
A-List Premium pricing plansThree months$22.90/per month
A-List Premium pricing plansSix months$19.90/per month

OkCupid Features

OkCupid offers different features for different subscription plans. If you’re a free member, you can benefit from features such as private messaging members, seeing profiles that matched with you, liking other people’s profiles, etc. On the other hand, if you are a premium member that has paid for either the A-list pricing plans or A-List Premium pricing plans, the OkCupid dating app offers a different set of features. Among many other features, you can use advanced search filters that will make finding a compatible match a very easy experience. You can also have an ad-free version of the app while navigating in search of your perfect soulmate. By being an A-list member, you also get access to a list of people who have liked your profile and possible matches. If you are very serious about finding your life-long partner through the OkCupid dating app, you can become an A-List Premium member, which will boost your profile and make it go to the top of the list in a matter of seconds. This will make you much more visible on the website by increasing the possibilities of finding your special someone.

How To Start Dating On OkCupid

The sign-up process is an experience of its own when it comes to OkCupid. Once you open the website’s main page, you will be presented with the choice of creating a profile. To start doing so, you need to provide some basic information like any other app that includes a username, age, gender, and other preferences. The mobile app wants you to sign up using Facebook and can put your email to verify your profile further. After completing this basic info about yourself, you will be presented with a quiz that OkCupid uses to suggest the best matches according to what you choose. The questions get more in-depth siting of your views regarding politics, astrology, and other important topics.


Getting Started

OkCupid promotes itself as a dating app that will make dating better and easier for its users. It claims to do so by getting as much personal information as it can. This is to make sure that your experience will be a pleasant one. This is also why the registering process takes more time than usual, going up to 15-20 minutes or more depending on how clear your ideas are when responding. Having to complete a whole quiz with very thorough information about your views on different social-cultural topics will make this feel like a job interview. But it’s all in good fun and serves to be the biggest picture of finding a compatible match for you to date.

Making Contact

Getting to know someone on OkCupid will not take long. From the moment you join the app to the minute you contact someone, you will get a response almost immediately. This is thanks to the matching algorithm that suggests like-minded people who will follow through with a nice conversation on the dating app. It’s easier to create connections when you know what you’re getting into. The site offers many features through which you can contact other members interested in the same topics as you are. The website gives you the option to choose if you’re looking for hookups, dating, or serious relationships. Depending on what you choose, you will be matched with other members with the same mindset as you. It’s much easier for you to start chatting when you know what to expect on the other end.

Start Chatting

If you want to be noticed among many other regular members, you should think about joining the A-list premium membership, which will make you reach the top of the queue in no time. You will appear on other’s lists as a premium member by becoming very trustworthy and pretty interesting. If your goal is to get to know someone through messaging, you can easily do so even if you’re a free member. We suggest that you pay for a subscription to benefit from the best features the app has to offer and be easily noticed by other potential mates looking for someone just like you. Who knows, you can stumble upon your favorite person that might turn into the romantic escape you have been looking for all this time.

Profile Quality

When it comes to the kind of people that join OkCupid, the diversity is endless. You can easily find people from all genders and sexual orientations and people who are open to polygamy and other ways of romantic encounters. When looking at a profile, you are presented with a username and other basic information that will include their age, sex, sexual orientation, and preferences. You can also look through their pictures to see if they satisfy your taste when it comes to romantic relationships. You get the option to like their profile and message them right away if you ever get the feeling that they might be that special someone.

Profile Quality okcupid

Security Measures

OkCupid asks for an email when you register. This makes it easier for the site to identify fake profiles and not allow them to join. Other than that, there isn’t much the site does when it comes to security since thousands of members join, and it’s pretty easy to catfish people. Anyway, OkCupid offers the possibility to report fake profiles if you ever encounter one. Anyway, you should always be careful and ask for different means of verification once you have serious intentions with someone on the site.


Does OkCupid Track My Location?

Like any other dating app that has a matching algorithm that focuses on location, yes, OkCupid can track your location so it can suggest matches according to where you live.

Is It Easy To Create An Account With OkCupid?

Creating an Account with OkCupid can be a little long and thorough since the site focuses on quality rather than quantity.

How Long Is The SatisfactionGuarantee On OkCupid?

It all depends on what membership you have. If you are satisfied with your membership, you can renew it; if not, you can cancel it anytime.

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