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Let’s be fair; while the nerdy dating niche is getting slightly larger, it is still not big enough for one reason only – a lot of nerds simply don’t feel like dating! They have their hobbies, and there is no reason for them to participate in the intricate matchmaking adventures the modern world offers. However, they can find a unique site for each of their hobbies and get a partner with the same interests when they want to. Having a common language is a must, and sometimes that language is Japanese! Otaku dating sites are the phenomenon steaming from the Japanese word “otaku,” which is basically a nerd but is used to describe someone immensely invested in Japanese culture and animation specifically. Otaku Booty is one of these websites for anime fans to find each other. Let’s check it out to understand how well it is in its job.


  • Small but tightly-knit community of anime lovers;
  • A dating site, forum, blog platform, and social media – all in one place;
  • Basic search algorithms;
  • Hasn’t been updated in a while;
  • Looks really uncomfortable to use.
Pros / Cons
  • Small niche means good response rate
  • A lot of information, including blogs and reviews on different media
  • Incredibly cheap
  • Fans of old-school web design may appreciate it
  • Never had any significant information leaks
  • This small site requires a subscription to enjoy full features
  • Only 27 thousand members scattered mostly across the USA and the UK
  • Almost no security features
  • Most will think of this design as outdated and ugly
  • The site hasn’t been updated in years

Subscription Plans

Even Otaku Booty, with its 27 thousand members, needs to make a living and pay for hosting, so membership is free, but all the features require a premium plan. The cost is dirt cheap, though, only $4 for a month or $12 for a whole year of premium subscription. Free membership is still usable, as you can send and receive messages; the only problem is that you can’t see who’s been trying to contact you. Users with full membership can explore other user’s profiles and know who they are talking to and why.

Otaku Booty Features

There are both a lot and not enough features on this dating site. First, it looks like a fan Wiki page – there are lots of tabs, lots of posts, everything is hyperlinked to something. You can find anything here, from illegal anime torrents to a detailed discussion about cooking, but it’s hard to find members. To do so, you’ll have to either join a discussion on one of the forums and take a liking to someone or go down to search and type in your desired location. When you found someone – text them, but it’s if you CAN find anyone, as there were only two people logging in from my city from the last 90 days. Both were male.

How to Start Dating at Otaku Booty

To get the most of Otaku Booty, you’ll need to sign up. Click a big blue “Sign up” button in a right corner, and it will take you to a signup page reminiscent of how old forums used to look like – scroll the big white page with lots of fields to fill in, choose a username, and a password and you’re in. Then, all it takes to communicate with other users is a premium account (if you want to post in forums or be visible when you DM someone).

Otaku Booty main page

Getting Started

Choose your location, the screen name (which will serve as login), your gender, and the gender you’re interested in. A total of 15 text boxes need to be filled to start using the dating site, but you can scroll through forums and look for profiles anonymously without logging in.

Making Contact

Otaku Booty is still a forum, albeit it is about dating, so your best bet is to engage in a nerdy conversation with another user on a forum. Yes, it will require a premium subscription, but it is your best bet since there are not enough users to be picky and find someone living next to you. There are no matchmaking games or anything, only manual search by gender or a city or forums; the choice is yours.

Making Contact otaku booty

Start Chatting

Initiating private communication on this dating site is easy. Once you found a profile of a member who interests you (we described the process in a previous paragraph), click on it and select “send message” in a top right corner of a profile. You will need to make an account first, and they won’t know who texted them before you purchase a premium subscription for your profile, but it works… when there’s someone online.

Profile Quality

Now, this is where Otaku Booty excels. Profiles here are a marvel and would be a good get for any dating site; since it is a forum for geeks with a tight-knit audience, every member tries to overperform the other to write a whole essay about themselves. There are a lot of details – members here love to talk about their favorite games and anime, hobbies, and personal history, which is an amazing feat for a dating platform as you don’t have to come up with any pickup lines – just start discussing what things in common you have and your couple is almost set up.

Security Measures

Talking about security here is even a bit funny. This is an uncommon situation for any dating platform – it is simply nonexistent here. Every Otaku Booty profile is open to the public, and any unregistered user can find and look through a profile from any account on the site, be it premium or free. The decision to not protect virtually anything is an interesting one – but you can’t leak the data if everything is open, yeah? Still, your transactions are protected by encryption, and your personal messages stay personal.


Does Otaku Booty track my location?

Evidently, this dating site does not track you. It asks your location to match you with people nearby but doesn’t implement any sort of tracking software.

Is it easy to create an account with Otaku Booty?

You’ll need to fill out 15 textboxes about yourself, and you’re all set.

How long is the satisfaction guarantee program on Otaku Booty?

No refunds on Otaku Booty. Once you made a transaction, it is final.

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Otaku Booty

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