Pink Cupid Review

If you’re seeking the best from lesbian dating sites, Pink Cupid is the answer! The site is unique for women and girls looking for hookups and serious relationships with other female partners. However, despite being a lesbian dating website, some men have registered as members. Pink Cupid doesn’t discriminate based on gender, race, color, or body size. Thus, the dating site is a source of pride for lesbians seeking compatible partners worldwide. Pick Cupid offers different categories for women looking for other women, including:

  • Bi-curious women
  • Teen lesbians
  • Adult lesbians


Pink Cupid is a Cupid Media Pty Ltd subsidiary and was launched in 2006 to boost lesbian dating. Although the site is for all women who love other women, people below 18 years stand the best chance on other lesbian teen dating sites. The dating platform has the majority of its users as women aged above 18 years. People on this dating site can contact and access other users through the mobile app mode or the desktop website version. Some of the known special features that put it at the top of other lesbian dating sites are Glam photo competition and CupidTags. Pink Cupid members can access standard services on the free account. However, for total access to all services and features subscription to platinum or gold membership is necessary.

Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • It has a vast membership that runs way over 20,000,000 users
  • It has a strict profile approval and verification strategy
  • It engages multiple support channels to users, including a ticket system and emails
  • It has a long history and experience, thus built loyalty and respect
  • Numerous active members are positively responsive
  • It has a working mobile app
  • For simple things like sending a message, one does not require a paid membership
  • Though a lesbian dating site, there are also some men registered on the platform
  • Users have a daily message limit
  • The mobile app is available for Android phone users only
  • Free membership has numerous ads that are a nuisance
  • In comparison with other mainstream sites, it has fewer singles seeking relationships

Subscription Plans

Payment for premium membership can be either through a platinum or gold membership.

Gold MembershipPricingAmount
1 Month$25.98/month$25.98
3 Months$16.66/month$49.99
12 Months$8.33/month$99.98
Platinum MembershipPricingAmount
1 Month$30.98/month$30.98
3 Months$20.00/month$59.99
12 Months$10.00/month$119.98

Pink Cupid Features

The platform has several standard features for communication and interaction that make it super to establish contact with compatible partners. Such tools have included:

  • Messaging: Sending a message is a paid option but one of the easiest ways to connect with other users.
  • Flirts and winks: In most cases, this is the point of contact for most people seeking dating partners on Pink Cupid.
  • Matchmaking: The filtering algorithm on the dating site is top-notch, thus fast in suggesting compatible partners to members.

Besides the standard tools, there are also special features significant in connecting users, including:

  • Glam Photo Competition: It offers an opportunity for users to upload a glamorous picture of themselves, and a winner is selected monthly. It is an intelligent way to establish and maintain contact.
  • CupidTags: It comprises hashtags that are addable to a profile. It may include physical characteristics, personality traits, etc. It helps other members with similar interests find your profile account.

How to Start Dating on Pink Cupid

Registering on the Pink Cupid dating site is one of the easiest things on the website. First and foremost, the signup process is accessible to anyone wishing to become a member. All a person needs is a computer or an Android-supported smartphone and internet access. In case you want to do it on your phone, download and open the mobile app. However, if you choose the computer mode, then go to If you have already done that, below are a few steps to follow for a successful registration.

  • Step 1: Click on the pink “View Singles Now” tab.
  • Step 2: A pop-up registration window opens. Here, you can choose to register through the dating website or join through your Facebook account. If the latter, click on the blue “Join with Facebook” button.
  • Step 3: If not willing to join through Facebook, enter your first name, age, email, and password in the respectively provided spaces. Also, remember to tick the age, terms, and privacy check box.
  • Step 4: Click on the pink “View Singles Now” button.

pink cupid sign up

Getting Started

Now that you’re fully registered getting started on your dating experience on the site is simple and easy. That’s because it involves you setting up a profile account that is charming to other users. Keep it short, precise, informative, and engaging. Here is how to successfully set yourself up on this site and begin dating immediately. It will take you 3 minutes tops!

  • Begin by uploading a profile picture that could be from your gadget or borrowed from your Facebook account.
  • On the top-right side, go to your photo icon and click edit profile.
  • Fill in all the details, including your appearance, location, background/ cultural values, and personal information about your status.
  • Finally, make a description of yourself and hit the submit button.

Making Contact

Making contact with people on the Pink Cupid dating platform is an easy thing. When logged in and on your home page, you can select a person of your interest and view their profile. Again, you can use the search tool to find the most compatible partners. When you are sure about an individual, here are two things you can do!

  • Hit the heart-looking icon below their picture to like it.
  • Click on the message box to start a chat.

Most users on the account are active and will respond within a day.

making contact on pinkcupid

Start Charting

As described above, chatting is easy and can start with a simple message by clicking on the chat icon below a user’s picture or profile. If in the charts for the first time, be; calm, confident, charming, friendly, responsive, and respectful.

Profile Quality

The dating site management requires that all profiles have at least three photos uploaded. Again, users can add CupidTags on hobbies and personalities. Although there is no requirement for one to complete a profile, most of the profiles are well-detailed and understandable. Pink Cupid members also enjoy the right to change profile information at any time.

pinkicupid profile quality

Security Measures

Pink Cupid dating site conducts a thorough profile check from time to time to determine and eliminate bogus accounts. Any violation of terms and conditions leads to immediate suspension or deactivation. Again, the site encourages members to verify their memberships to make their profiles more trustworthy. The site also has certified secured certification. The ratio of real to fake accounts is 18:7.


Can My Location Be Tracked on PinkCupid?

Yes. It is the basis on which the dating site suggests compatible users nearby.

How Easy Is It to Create an Account with PinkCupid?

Sign-up takes about 30 seconds while setting up a profile on Pink Cupid will take 2 minutes tops.

Is a Satisfaction-Guaranteed Program on PinkCupid Long Enough?

Yes. Members can enjoy a satisfaction-guaranteed program on the Pink Cupid dating for the first time.

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