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Plenty of Geeks review
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Plenty of Geeks

It is typically some kind of a struggle to find romance for a nerd or geek. Although a fantastic concept, dating platforms are typically set up in some way that leaves singles with unconventional desires or personalities dissatisfied.

It’s no wonder that dating platforms built and created for nerds are becoming more and more successful. Plenty of Geeks aims at changing the way people encounter geeks, but, sadly, that’s where it ends.

We were a bit disappointed with this site since it didn’t meet our expectations of what a geeky dating site should be. There seem to be issued with faulty matchmaking and fake profiles that turn off users.

A Summary of Our Plenty of Geeks Review

Many people would probably say that conventional dating websites are typically not suitable for people who feel and think a little uniquely. Plenty of Geeks tries to be a creative alternative dating service for nerds, gamers, and geeks.

It is free to sign up and create a profile on this site, but you must upgrade to a paid membership to access the full features. Even the paid membership doesn’t compare favorably with some similar sites, and the abundance of fake profiles is an aspect that scares users.

You can never be sure if you are communicating with a legit single or a scammer. This is a major drawback of the site. We would say there are better dating sites than this because you deserve a superior geeky dating experience.

The Main Pros & Cons of Plenty of Geeks

There are some pros and cons of the site. But we think the cons outweigh the pros. Read on to decide for yourself:

Pros / Cons
  • The free version is quite attractive, and you can choose to remain a free member.
  • The chat feature is quite a user friendly and an easy way to communicate with other members.
  • The profiles are somewhat barebones and do not contain many details.
  • The matching software does not function well.
  • There are many fake profiles, and you run the risks of being deceived.

Design and Usability of Plenty of Geeks

The design is pretty simple to use, and the features are basic. Registering for the platform is easy. They are also proud to present a very comprehensive blog with relationship tips, suggestions, and insights, all designed to help geeks enhance their romantic experiences.

The blog and recommendations are meant for men and women both and the dating service, which has equal numbers of both genders. However, the profiles do not carry much detailed information about a person to be at a loss to understand them. Many profiles are also fake, so be cautious when you get in contact with other members.

Getting Started

The site is free to register on, join, and create a profile for yourself. After you have decided to join the site, start the signing up process by entering the required information like your name, gender, email address, and location.

Next comes some more information like what are your likes and dislikes, your personality traits, and those of your preferred partner. But this step is not mandatory; you can choose to not fill it or fill it later. Many members leave this area unfilled, so their profiles look bare and incomplete.

Next, you will be shown a gallery of prospective matches, and you can message some of the ones you like. This should get you started with some communication back and forth.

Plenty of Geeks registration

Making Contact on Plenty of Geeks

Once you have explored the site for a bit and chosen some singles that you would like to chat with, you can initiate communication utilizing the chat feature, which is quite smooth and nice. If the person responds, you can start sharing common interests like comics, technology, or computer gaming or whatever it is that stirs your passion.

It’s really an awesome experience to get a romantic partner who shares your passion – a true soul mate. However, do not be disappointed if you find no response from a member. This is because it might be a fake profile. So stay careful and safe.

Paid Membership Account on Plenty of Geeks

As is the case with all dating sites, Plenty of Geeks allows you to sign up and register without paying a dime. After that, you can create your profile and view the other members by exploring their profile. But if you want to access the full features, you must upgrade to a premium membership.

To connect with a specific member that you like, you’ll have to message them. However, to do that, you have to have a paid membership. Don’t worry; Plenty of Geeks has kept their charges quite low and affordable. You won’t feel the pinch in your pocket, and can happily indulge in your dating activities.

Plenty of Geeks members


Does Plenty of Geeks show your location?

Yes, Plenty of Geeks shows your location to other members; but it does not track you. It shows members’ location only so that they can be matched with their local singles for better dating quality.

Should I pay for Plenty of Geeks?

Plenty of Geeks is free to join and create a profile, but after you start browsing, you need to pay and upgrade to a premium membership if you want to communicate with other members or access the full range of features.

Does Plenty of Geeks have fake profiles?

Yes, numerous users have reported dissatisfaction with Plenty of Geeks has many fake profiles that have been put there to deceive you. If you see an incomplete profile or someone doesn’t respond after you’ve messaged them, it’s probably a fake profile.

Plenty of Geeks review

Plenty of Geeks

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