Reasons You Should Have a Nerd as a Partner

nerd as a partner

Geeks have been labeled as boring and have been stereotyped negatively. Nerds are, however, magnificent in a lot of ways. They are smart, intelligent, academically superb, and also make great partners. You should consider dating a geek if you haven’t before. Below are some of the reasons why you should date a nerd;

1. Commitment

Geeks are usually a committed set of human beings. You can imagine the level of devotion and commitment they give to their techs, books, games, and so on. They are always with their gadgets and things they have an obsession with. Imagine how lovely it will be to have a committed partner. You can enjoy the company of a committed and devoted partner if you choose to date a nerd.

2. Problem-Solvers

Nerdy people are always interested in challenges; they always devote their time and resources to ensuring that they accomplish their aim. While playing their favorite games, they do not give up or rest until they complete that problematic mission. Therefore, being the problem solvers that they are will benefit you and your relationship a lot if you date a nerd.

3. Appreciative

One of the common things we all desire in a relationship is appreciation, and one of the most appreciative people are the nerds. They have mostly been shunned and neglected by most people because of their choice of lifestyle. Therefore, whenever they find someone who loves them for who they are sees what others couldn’t see in them; they never want to let go.

4. Not Sport Fanatics

Most ladies do not like it when their partners are too obsessed with sports; before you know it, they just disappear from your side whenever a particular sport is about to start. If you don’t wish to be with someone crazy over sports, nerds are the perfect choice for you. They are somewhat interested in techs and intellectual activities.

5. Intelligent

If you would love to have a super-intelligent partner, geeks are the best options for you. They are always willing to know new kinds of stuff and broaden their horizons. They are knowledgeable people that are still willing to share what they know with others. If you date a nerd, your knowledge will be broadened, and you will learn a lot of new stuff.

6. Round-The-Clock Technical Support

If you are always having technical issues with your gadgets, dating a nerd will benefit you. You can stop taking your phones or laptops to people that extort you just to help you fix an issue that doesn’t cost a dime. 24/7 technical support is one of the advantages you will gain from dating a nerd.

7. They Are Well Spoken

Nerds are critical thinkers, so they do not just talk anyhow. When a situation comes up, they think it through properly in their head before opening their mouth to speak, unlike most guys that say whatever comes to their head. Bring the critical thinkers that are clever; they usually come up with the appropriate responses.

8. They Are Accommodative

You can be who you are and not feel bad when you are dating a nerd. They are not the type that pays too much attention to their dressing. So, however you love to appear, you can be sure to be accepted and appreciated by a nerd. You are free to be who you are when dating a geek.

9. Loyalty

Nerds have limited friends and are mostly inside on their own. They are aware of how hard relationships are hard to come by for them, so they always remain loyal whenever they are in a relationship. You can imagine how dedicated they are to their gadgets. If you are interested in a loyal partner, you should consider dating a nerd.

10. They Are Passionate and Patient

You can notice that nerds are always zealous and spend a lot of time and energy supporting whatever they are interested in. They spend a lot of time learning tech-related stuff and devote a lot of time to their studies and science fiction movies. Their patience level is unrivaled, so if you are interested in someone with passion, nerds are a perfect option.


Most of the richest tech-savvy in the world today are nerds that were neglected while they were younger. Geeks are creative, intelligent, zealous, and romantic if you get to know them better. Now that you have read some of the reasons you should date a nerd, you should consider giving one a chance because they make fantastic partners.

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