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The new Taffy app aims to revolutionize the online dating scene by introducing a chat-first system. Here, you cannot see the profile photos of the members since they are blurry. Instead, you can check out the captions and headlines about the users, and if you are interested, then start chatting.

As you communicate, your profile pictures start to clear away, but not immediately. Once you have exchanged at least ten messages, your photos are completely revealed. Without a doubt, Taffy is a unique app among all the in the world.

And it is absolutely worth a try for young people, and even for the older generation. This app is designed for serious dating and friendships.


There are so many great features of this app, including SWIPE right or left, chat, express, and explore. People are used to online dating with clear photos of the users, but with this app, the profile pictures are blurred intentionally.

Every member is encourage to get to know chat mates better instead of using physical appearance as the primary criteria for swiping right. And with this special feature, you are sure to meet someone worth loving.

Pros and Cons

Because Taffy is still new, there are obvious hesitation from people to sign up at this app. True, there are both good and bad aspects of this platform, but the advantages are superior compared to the challenges.

Pros / Cons
  • Revolutionary new and unique dating app
  • Free registration and access to chat messaging
  • Offers 6 kinds of relationship
  • Chat-first system
  • Designed for in-depth dating
  • Downloadable in iOS devices only, not on Android
  • Few members
  • Requires patience in image reveal
  • New app, so there are trust issues
  • Not thoroughly tested in the market yet

Subscription Plans

So far, there is no paid subscription plan at Taffy. The app is free to use for all users, and no premium membership is offered yet. However, this may change in the near future because of course, the app needs to survive financially. But as for now, it is best to enjoy the free usage.

Taffy Features

Taffy may be new, but is designed to handle the most passionate dating desires of people in all ages. The incredible features are unique and exciting, and they are here to help you seamlessly meet your next lover.

  • Swipe – when you see user profiles on the app, you have the option to either swipe right or left, depending on your interest on their headlines. You can also listen to the audio voices to help you decide.
  • Chat – you can only send a message to members who liked you back. Once you start chatting, both your photos will start to clear.
  • Express – use the audio feature of this app in order to give your future chat mates a taste of your voice.
  • Explore – utilize the Taffy Live feature to check out the profiles with the most likes and chats.

How to start dating on Taffy

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The Taffy dating app is available at the Apple Store. Once installed on your iOS phone, you are required to input your age, valid email address, gender, and location. And then upload a recent solo profile photo to complete your account.

Getting Started

The registration process at Taffy takes a few minutes to complete. You need to write a compelling and interesting headline to attract other users. Make sure to fill in your hobbies, interests, and other important details about you. And then you can start liking profiles. Once they like you back, start chatting and dating.

Making Contact

Taffy contact

Once you start to make contact with like-minded personals at the Taffy dating app, you need to wait for the other parties to like your profile back so you can begin chatting. This feature is perfect for all members since you can avoid receiving unwanted messages from users whom you did not like.

Start Chatting

Thankfully, online dating at Taffy does not cost you a dime. It is free to sign up, and free to chat with members with mutual likes. And besides, this app has no premium membership, so communication with potential partners is absolutely free.

Profile Quality

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The profiles at Taffy are high quality, with meaningful headlines and captions that expresses the true nature of the members. The profile photos are blurred in order to give users a chance to get to know people according to their personalities and traits, and not physical looks. Indeed, online dating is unique and rewarding through this app.

Security Measures

Taffy offers a safe mode while browsing and chatting at the app. The users here are real people and not bots, with legit profiles. There are no reported fake profile at the app, and it is the hope of the administrators that it will stay that way.

And aside from the security measures of Taffy, you are also responsible to keeping your account safe and secure from possible scams.


Can Taffy trace my location?

During the registration procedure, you are asked to provide your location, so you can be matched with local singles. But do not worry since Taffy do not know your exact address. After all, you only need to fill in your city.

How easy is it to create an account with Taffy?

Account creation at Taffy is easy and you never have to input any personal information if you want to keep your privacy. You have the option to use your Facebook or mobile number to sign up. And once your profile is created, you can start dating virtually.

Can Taffy provide satisfaction guarantee to the members?

Yes, Taffy indeed has a satisfaction guarantee for the valued users. Though this app is new, it has proven to be fun and efficient in helping members find quality chat mates.


Taffy is a fairly new dating app for iOS users, but it is absolutely promising and revolutionary. This app changes the way online daters go about the virtual dating scene. Indeed, we are given an opportunity here to meet people, get to know them, and possibly fall in love without the typical judgment of physical appearance.

Truth be told, we often look at the profile photo of the users first before we decide to swipe right or send a message. But thanks to Taffy, we can redeem ourselves by knowing the personal nature of people first before we get to see the face. And because of the chat-first system, I highly recommend Taffy to every single person in the world.

Indulge in online dating today for free by visiting Taffy!

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