TOP-10 Movies for a Perfect Nerdy Date

Best movies for nerds

Need a movie to impress your date? Then we have you covered.

It is tough enough to pick a movie for the perfect date night, but it is exceptionally challenging for actual nerds. We are all fond of our nerdiness. While some of you might want movies that will give you and your already existing nerdy partner a perfect date night experience, others don’t want to frighten our first time date with that quirkiness of ours.

Finding the balance needed to set the perfect mood can be tricky. Should you go for horror, romance, or comedy? The movies given in this list will ensure you have the right amount of everything to satisfy you and your date.

The movies ranked here are either based on comics, others are created for the nerd in you even though they are not an adaptation of any existing comics.

The Avengers Franchise

In a team-up superhero movie from fantastic action scenes to crazy characters portrayed by a great cast, this film has everything you want! All the films in this franchise are a major entertainment success with a brilliant sense of humor, incredible action, and flawless cinematography balance. And what’s even better, on your next date, you already know you’re going to watch the next part.

DC Franchise

The DC Extended Universe movies are no far behind marvel if you and your date are a fan of darker comic adaptations, then this one is for you guys.

The Star War Franchise

We all live for the Star War Franchise. The films are an ambitious space opera, three great movie trilogies (some are better than others), dubbed “Skywalker’s Saga.” The films bring something new, unique, and exciting. These iconic movies can never go wrong as date night choice.

Lord of The Rings

All the movies from the Lord of the Rings collection are a great date night treat: from hobbits, elves to dwarves, the best fantasy epic in history got it all. Based on the book series The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien it’s a master piece that transcends time.


Being an Oscar nominee, the movie transcends space and time quite literally. It is enthralling epic science fiction, starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, who are the apples to everyone’s eyes. Interstellar lets you discover the significance of time, which could be a brilliant reminder of how awesome it is to spend time together with your date

Back to the Future

The movie focuses on time travel and the perspective of a 17-year-old high-school student, who has unintentionally been sent thirty years into the past by a time-piercing car created by a mad scientist. Easily the best time-travel story by far. This movie makes your nerdy heart want to re-watch it time and time again

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Not only is this movie funny, but it is also fun to watch; it has the right amount of geek in it with its game references along with a touch of romance.


Who does not love Leonardo DiCaprio? In this movie, he plays a trained conman who infiltrates his target’s sub-consciousness to reach his purposes. The film plays with the epic dynamic between reality and dreams, and the ending leaves you in doubts about the nature of reality.

Forrest Gump

If you are a slightly dorky, you might relate to Forrest Gump on a spiritual level. This movie is the epitome of comedy/romance with its beautiful moments.

Stranger Things

Now we know this isn’t a “movie,” but it is a show that is worth watching even if it is for your first date, besides who hasn’t heard of the term Netflix and Chill?

Need a Date?

Some of you reading this list might not have a date to enjoy your nerdy movie night with, but not for long, we have got you covered. Finding a nerdy date is easy you can shoot your shot at comic and anime cons, libraries, gaming forums, etc. If real life encounters haven’t been kind to you, dating online will be your savior.

Websites designated for finding that one nerdy girl who’ll fulfill all your nerdy fantasies are there. Here are our top picks on dating sites for nerds. When it comes to finding that perfect nerdy date, these won’t disappoint you. Dating online will be your savior from all the rejections of real life encounters.