What to Talk About on A First Date

first date with nerd

Going on dates can be a stressful experience. You have to sort things out, from what you have to put on to where you have to meet. On meeting with your date, you have to worry about things to say or ask. Many conversation openers can be used if you don’t know what to talk about. If you are interested, below are some of the things to talk about on a first date;

1) Where are you from?

This is a great conversation starter to help you know where the person has been and what the person has gone through. You can ask them where they call home and why they feel such a place is their home. Sometimes, where you grew up might not be where you refer to as home. This is a great question that will help you know more about your date.

2) What’s your preferred go-to place?

There are several places people love to visit depending on their mood or hobby. Some love to travel worldwide, while some people love to visit remote locations such as islands, mountains, etc. A person’s favorite place of visit tells a lot about them. This is a great way to know the kind of person you are talking to.

3) Name a scary thing you’ve had to do before

There are lots of scary and terrifying things that people are sometimes required to do. Having to face a crowd is the scariest thing some persons have done in their life. Jumping from a great height is a frightening activity for some people. Asking this will bring about some memories that will lead to prolonged conversation.

4) What cracks you up so hard

No matter how serious-minded we may be, we all have that one thing that usually cracks us up anytime it occurs. It could be when you remember a specific incident or whenever you watch a certain movie or watch a particular actor. This will give you an insight into the kind of person he/she is.

5) What’s your leisure time for?

We all have different things we use our leisure time for. It ranges from going to the gym, cinemas, concerts, visiting friends and family, etc. Going to the gym is one of the most common things people do during their leisure time. Once you ask this question, their answer will give you a perception of the kind of person they are.

6) Ask a question about what you know about them before the meeting

If you guys met on a dating site, you could ask them questions about what you saw on their profile. And if you met through a friend, you can ask questions based on what the friend told you about them. This is a great way to start a conversation and keep it going.

7) Talk about or ask questions about your meeting point

If you do not have much idea about what to talk about, you can bring your meeting place into the conversation. You can ask them if they’ve ever been here before or if it’s a place they visit frequently, and you can ask them how they feel about the place. You can divert the conversation to the neighborhood and city and hear their opinion about it.

8) What was your childhood like?

You can know where a person is coming from by asking how their youthful days were. This will let you see how life has treated them. You can ask if they were the nerd or the intimidator type while they were younger. This is an excellent conversation opener you can use on your first date.

9) What are you really good at?

This is a nice way to ask what their talents are. Asking this question will give you a broader knowledge of who the person is and if they are your type. This will let you know if you are chatting with a serious-minded person or not. This simple question can get you talking for a while because it will lead to more conversations. Therefore, it is a perfect conversation starter on a first meeting.


Whenever you are going on a date, you should ensure that you are fully prepared. Do not get stressed about it; it’s just a way to know more about your person of interest. You are good to go if you make use of the above conversation openers.

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