Why Can’t I Get a Girlfriend Easily?

Do you often wonder why you’re forced to live a lonely life even when you have a true romantic hidden deep inside you? Why can’t I get a girlfriend? It’s a common question men ask when they fail to impress a girl. You can even find guys who are 40 years old but have never been in a relationship ever. Some couldn’t find time to focus on dating, while others didn’t have any idea how to approach a girl and ask her out. Some have been very picky about their partner – they’re alone and now fear they’d always be a virgin. The truth is that even if you have no friends yet, you can still change your relationship status by making smarter decisions. 

Getting a girlfriend is sometimes all about analyzing the way you approach girls. You may be a cool guy, but it takes time and effort to develop sexual attraction between two people. Also, you’re never going to have a girlfriend ever if you friend-zone those ladies you already know. Here are some other reasons why you might still be single:

  • A Bad Flirt

Not knowing how to flirt is naturally going to kill your chance to impress any girl. 

And if you never had a girlfriend in the past, it’s time to learn some new skills to flirt with confidence. Whether you’re an average-looking guy or a real stud, you can’t get far with girls if your flirting skills are weak. It’s all about being confident, maintaining the right body language. Be ready to take some chances and find your flirting style. Whatever you do, do it with confidence. After all, confidence is sexy, guys, and you can’t impress anyone if you continuously look down upon yourself. Work on yourself to overcome your fear of rejection, and that will instantly make you feel much more confident. It would be a bummer not to approach a girl even though she seems interested, but you’re too engrossed in thinking about what will happen if she rejects your proposal. 

  • A Natural Quitter

Avoid being a quitter when it comes to winning at the dating game. Just screaming, “I need a girlfriend”, and not making a move won’t get you anywhere. If you’ve never had a girlfriend, you may be one of those shy men who quit too easily. Speaking of dating and relationships, resilience is the key. If your girl says she’s busy, try another time. Show some patience and be persistent. There are shy men and shy women, so what if she needs more time to warm up to you? If you move on too quickly, you might miss out on dating the best girl in town.

  • A Guy with Insecurities

If you keep saying, “I want a girlfriend,” but do nothing to overcome your insecurities, be prepared to stay alone. Don’t bash yourself for things you don’t like about yourself. Accept them or have the resilience to change them. You can’t do much if you’re bald. But if you lack confidence because you’re overweight, you can certainly work towards losing pounds and becoming the best version of yourself. Learn to love yourself if you want others to do the same. Nobody’s flawless, so don’t let your insecurities ruin you.

  • Anxiety, Anxiety, Anxiety

Becoming too anxious around women is natural if you’ve been single and shy for quite some time. Anxiety can become the hardest obstacle to overcome for guys who have never had a girlfriend. You may have been rejected in the past, and that fear could easily trigger anxiety. Or, you may become anxious thinking you’re surely going to say something stupid even around a shy guy girl. Be ready to deal with your anxiety if that means finding a professional’s help, especially if your anxiety stems from some negative experiences in the past. Similarly, try to increase your exposure in that it helps lowers anxiety. 

The fact of the matter is that instead of thinking, “I can’t get a girlfriend,” you need to work on improving your confidence and maintain better body language around women. The great idea is to research and pick one of the best dating sites with chat rooms and several modes of communication. This way, you can engage in conversation with women to overcome your fear, learn to flirt with the hottest girls in town, and discover what turns them on. 

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