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I have encountered so far, I can genuinely say that Yubo is one of the best. This social networking French app has been around since 2015, and it provides a safe virtual haven for young people ages 13 to 25.


Yubo is a popular dating app that utilizes a brilliant technology that can recognize faces and estimate age. There is no option to like profiles, but a swipe feature is available. The app encourages young people to find common ground and similar interests between users in order to build a stronger online community.

The viewers and streamers are free to interact with one another, which is definitely better than the follow system. Plus, with the paid features, you will have an excellent time using the app for making new friends and for romantic dating.

Pros and Cons

Like any other dating app, Yubo has its pros and cons. Thankfully, all the positive things about this app greatly outweighs the drawbacks. There is really no question to the outstanding functionality and design of Yubo.

Pros / Cons
  • Free dating app
  • 40+ million users
  • Choice to hide your location
  • Designed for young people
  • Verified profiles
  • Older people are not welcome, though not banned
  • Many immature members
  • Caters to under-aged kids
  • Some inappropriate contents for teens
  • Addictive to students

Subscription Plans

Yubo offers three premium plans for a higher chance of a successful online dating experience. Subscribing to any of these options gives you unlimited reverse swipe, boost, spotlight, and turbo.

  • 1 Week – $5.99
  • 1 Month – $8.99
  • 3 Months – $14.99

Yubo Features

The target market of Yubo are people from 13 to 25 years old, and so they design the app with cheerful colors like blue, teal, purple, black, and light green. The friendly interface is seamless to navigate, and I truly like the simple sophistication of this app. Online dating is easy to do here, as well as finding new friends. Plus, this app is filled with amazing features such as YouTube Stream, Games, and Lenses.

How to start dating on Yubo

It is free to download and use the Yubo dating app. There is no web version, so you need to download it through the App Store or Google Play. The sign up process will not ask for personal information for your safety. Rather, you only need to provide your name, date of birth, and gender. Only 13 years old and above are allowed here, and those below 18 years old require the consent of their parents.

You would need to upload a clear picture of yourself, then set up a username and strong password. After that, give your phone number so the verification will be sent to you. And then agree to the rules. After that simple registration, you can start swiping. The good news is, you never have to wait for the users to swipe right back.

Getting Started

Once you finish downloading the Yubo app, it takes only five minutes or less to create an account and complete your profile. You can then watch live streams, or host a stream on your own. And if you want to change some things in your profile later on, you can do so without a hassle. It is quite easy to navigate the app, and once you are comfortable using the features and tools, it is time to make connections with other people.

Making Contact

yubo contact

There are over 40 million users of Yubo worldwide, and 25 million of them came from the US. With a huge member base, it is easy to make contact. Live streaming is the primary functionality of this dating app, and you have the option to become a viewer or a streamer. You can comment on the live streams or videos, or invite people to see your streams. And if you expect to hookup with a user, send a message and wait for a response within the day.

Start Chatting

One of the best things about Yubo is the free chat. You can send a message to any user who interests you, or write comments on the streams without needing to upgrade your membership. But of course, if you want to take advantage of the most exceptional dating adventure, then a paid plan is definitely a good idea.

Profile Quality

yubo Profile Quality

Yubo comprises of 48% female members and 52% males. Though the profiles do not show many details, it is easy to see the personality of the users through the photos. In fact, this app is minimalistic, and you will know know if a profile is verified through the yellow badge. And if you want to know more about the members, then look at the tags. As for you, you have the option to write a more detailed bio.

Security Measures

Because the app consists of teenagers and people in their early 20s, Yubo ensures that the app is extremely safe and secure. Teenagers are isolated in their houses due to the pandemic, so it is no surprise that since 2020, young people turn to this dating app to pass the time, meet new users from other parts of the globe, join an online community, and explore romance. Yubo uses a secure encryption and with safety mode on, you are confident in your viewing, streaming, and overall participation.


Is my location being tracked by Yubo ?

Yubo can track your location as long as you allow it. Simply go to Settings, then click on Safety & Privacy, and toggle on or off the Use My Location option. By turning this on, you allow the app users to know where you are, which greatly helps in your dating journey.

How easy is it to create an account on Yubo?

Creating an account at Yubo is quite simple and easy. Detailed profiles are not a thing here, and you can create your profile with photos only. After a few minutes, you can start dating.

Does Yubo has a satisfaction guarantee?

Yubo guarantees satisfaction for all the users. As mentioned, there are over 40 million members of this app, and most of them are active daily. Plus, the chat and messaging feature is free, so you are not forced to upgrade to a paid membership.


Without a doubt, Yubo is an excellent choice for young people to meet new friends and find love at the same time. This Yubo review is intended for parents to understand the safety of this app, and for the users to feel secure in their dating experience. Overall, this app is exceptional. It comes highly recommended.

Try online dating today at Yubo for free!

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