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With 40 million+ registrations, Zoosk is one of the most populous dating sites. Though most profiles on Zoosk fall in the age bracket of 25-45, it is suitable for people of all ages. And backgrounds. In its heart, is popular for mainstream dating; still, several users are looking only for hookups and good-old sex, and nothing serious.

Read on to find more about it in this comprehensive Zoosk dating site review.


Zoosk offers nothing new or better than its competitors. Aside from being one of the best gay teen dating sites and having an affordable subscription price, it is hard to praise.

Yes, it has traits like the simple interface and superior search function, but again, almost all comparable dating sites are the same, if not better.

Since the easiest way to rule out if something is worth your attention is by comparing the good against the bad. Zoosk, in all its entirety, is a good dating one, but not a perfect one. Here’s where it stands:

The Good:

  • 40 million+ registered accounts from across the globe
  • Over three million messages get exchanged daily
  • Registration is a three-step process
  • The interface is navigable; anyone reading this can comfortably work around it
  • Algorithm match based on hobbies, interest, and liking, no random recommendations
  • Get personalized reports and dating insights
  • One of the most effective search tools of all dating sites
  • Affordable memberships

The Bad:

  • Most features are accessible only with a premium subscription
  • No video chat option
  • Though considerable subscription amount, no value for money
  • Rare but spammy process

The Ugly:

  • The free plan, as well as the trial period, comes loaded with ads
  • The mobile app crashes and closes, updated but the issue persists

Subscription Plans

While Zoosk is simple to use, understanding its membership options, especially the Zoosk coins, can be tricky to many. Outlined here are the subscription plan and prices:

1 Month29.99 USD/Month29.99 USD
3 Months20.00 USD/Month59.99 USD
6 Months12.50 USD/Month74.99 USD

Zoosk Coins

180 Coins0.11 USD/Coin19.99 USD
480 Coins0.08 USD/Coin39.99 USD

The free service:

  • Users can register and create their profile, like premium users
  • Send winks, smiles, and hearts
  • You will have full access over the Carousel, swipe through as many profiles as you prefer, but only swipe
  • You can see the full profiles of others

The Premium plan:

  • Beyond the features of the free plan, users can send unlimited messages to interested or matched accounts
  • You will get access to the SmartPicks — vote “❤” or “X” to indicate whether the matches are interesting or not
  • You can browse in incognito (hidden) mode
  • You can see who liked their profile

The Zoosk-Coins:

  • Besides premium features, the Zoosk coins give some extra perks like anonymous browsing for 30 minutes
  • You can also buy and share virtual flowers and boxes of chocolate with other members
  • Zoosk coins can help you track the sent messages, indicating if they are seen or not
  • You also have the option to boost your profile among other members for up to 24 hours

At its basic, premium subscription looks affordable, but the app, in any way, is not even near to being cost-effective.

As evident from the offered services with the free and premium plan mentioned above, for US$ 29.99, all you get is unlimited messaging, access to SmartPicks, which many of its competitors offer with the free program itself.

Everything included, on the surface, looks like Zoosk has affordable plans, but dig a little deeper — it gets super expensive. Most, if not all, practical features are accessible via Zoosk coins, which cost a fortune. Plus, features like Instant Crush, unmetered undo on Carousel cost additional nine US dollars.

Zoosk Features

Of course, a considerable review of Zoosk is incomplete without discussing its features. Let’s start with discussing the traits unique to only this service, i.e., insights, advance selection process, and its ability to get better with time. In brief:

  • The interface is pretty basic, and anyone reading this can easily navigate through it and utilize all its functions and features.
  • Finding a match is not difficult, so is coming across spammy profiles. It has tons of those.
  • Distributes personalized dating insights and reports to its premium members.

How to start dating on Zoosk

Visit the Zoosk site and follow these simple steps to register yourself on the site:

  1. Fill in some basic information like name, age, locations, etc.
  2. Upload the photo or link to your Facebook or Google+ account.
  3. Add some personal details, like ethnicity, education, more, and you are good to start.

That is it. It cannot get simpler than this.

Zoosk main page

Getting Started

You can access the site from anywhere — mobile or desktop. Zoosk has an interactive site as well as android and iOS applications. You can create the account using the aforementioned steps and choose to subscribe or not.

Considering all, you will get it complete in about thirty minutes, including writing a few words about yourself, interests, and personal details.

Making Contact

Zoosk has one of the most chilling and most comfortable search functions. Instead of swiping right or left, it just has a scroll feature, which means no liking and disliking directly.

Scrolling down, you will discover new profiles, and swiping right will give you the full view of the profile in question. Moreover, if you pass someone of interest, the service allows you to go back without demanding extra money like Tinder.

Nonetheless, it can also cater if you need a Tinder-like search tool, i.e., its carousel. Carousel allows you to tick-or-cross to signify your interest in users.

However, that’s all you can do with it. There is no going past from there. In contrast, Tinder allows you to access the full view of the profiles and permits you to message.

Also, there is no search by name or username, so if you pass someone of your interest, all you can do is go back and initiate the conversation then and there.

That brings us to — what if you happen to like someone? Well, you can visit their profiles and send smiles, messages, or like the profile to show your interest.

While testing, I sent some messages and smiles to seven members (in the same city) to see for myself if it is one of the busiest dating sites or not. To my surprise, I received only two responses.

The other five profiles didn’t even see the message, indicating unlike Tinder and Match.com, Zoosk also shows abandoned and inactive accounts. No wonder it promotes itself by its extensive user-base, which in reality, is misleading.

Start Chatting

It is straightforward. All you have to do is navigate to the message box, write something, and send. Zoosk also includes some conversation-starters, so it can also cater to users who hesitate and do not know how to initiate a conversation. In addition to that, it also lets you pre-set auto-reply, which means you do not have to make others wait and tell them that you’re disregarding them.

However, note that you can locate the text box only once you have previously sent smiles, hearts, or liked the profile.

Profile Quality

Zoosk, in ways, is similar to Facebook of 2012: simple, dull, but insightful.

You will find all the essential information on the profile, ranging from education, preference to even zodiac signs.

Zoosk also compels users to include a few words about them — in the form of a story. Moreover, users also have to describe what they think is the perfect date and perfect match. True, this report can reveal a lot about users, the condition being if they choose to tell. Since there are no individual sections about their interest, hobbies, liking, and disliking — users can wish not to reveal that or do not know if they should.

Overall, it is considerable but not anywhere near satisfactory, good, or perfect.

Security Measures

To finalize this Zoosk dating app review, let’s see what it has to say regarding individual safety. Like with all dating sites, it has some fraudsters. You can report, block, or hide from someone abusing, spamming, and disrespecting.

While there is so-called verification, it is easy to get one; no big deal.

So, remember to be careful while interacting with others, and no matter what, do not share your details like home address, office address, or even phone number. Instead, use services like Google voice to give them an alternate number. And this goes without saying, do not share financial details.


Does Zoosk track my location?

Yes. One of the particular flaws of dating sites is location-tracking, allowing criminals to hunt you down comfortably. The service also shows the users who you have crossed paths with, but you can choose to turn off this feature and not reveal to others your whereabouts.

Is it easy to create an account with Zoosk?

Yes! As earlier stated, it is a three-step process.

How long is the satisfaction guarantee program on Zoosk?

There is no money-back guarantee; all purchases and in-app purchases are final and non-refundable.

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