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According to our review, this is a site where people wishing to involve in erotic, bondage, BDSM, and fetish sex come to find love. It is for those who are curious or want to interact with other users. Members on this dating site can either be individuals, couples, or groups with different sexual preferences. Most members come to look for no-string-attached sex and are looking for some other kind of people.

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Our review shows that is a mature people’s one of the best casual dating sites for individuals who are into alternative sexual relationships. That is where it derives its name, The members have options for sexual activities like bondage, fetish sex, and BDSM, including submission, dominance, sadomasochism, and other correlated adult sexual activities. You can meet new people on this casual dating site or use it as a hookup site to make your sexual relationship enjoyable. Users can also make use of the original videos or articles which are on this dating site. The majority of the people join the site using a fake name. However, the site has tight restrictions that only people above 18 years use the dating site. This is because provides sexually explicit content. The site ensures that its members use language correctly and has prohibited using words like ‘rape’ by members to ensure everyone feels safe while using the website.

Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • connects people who are into alternate sex
  • You can find all kinds of relationships on this site
  • The dating site has a high number of people visiting throughout the day
  • Ability to register as a single person or as a group
  • Different sexual interests to choose from
  • The site's design is not so pleasing, making it very complicated for members.
  • After signing up as a member, the site has numerous other profile questions, which is a nuisance.
  • The dating site has plenty of fake profiles and scammers
  • Unable to read messages
  • You cannot view other user’s profiles

Subscription Plans

Prices change whenever the dating site has special offers.


Duration Price per Month Total Cost
1 Month $22.94 $22.94
3 Months $ 13.79 $41.37
12 Months $10.29 $123.51


Duration Price per Month Total Cost
1 Month $34.44 $34.44
3 Months $17.24 $ 68.97
12 Months $10.29 $185.26 Features

Some of the unique features on the site include:

  • Bling: These are small icons on that members can use while creating their profiles to make them more appealing.
  • Kinks: This is where users can mention the kinks they like. It will enable you to find a person with a similar type of kink.
  • Purity test: This is a fun test that shows how wild or pure a person’s sex life is. The score is numbered from zero to one hundred. You can show the results to your friends on the dating site and know who is pure than the other.
  • Hot or Not: This feature is the same as swiping right or left. You’ll encounter numerous profiles, and you should rate whether or not they are hot rather than swiping left or right.

How to Start Dating on

Our review shows that you should create an account to access the site’s dating services. Upon opening the platform, you’ll know what the site is all about. If you’re willing to proceed, you’re required to enter your email address. Once you do that, you’ll come across plenty of additional questions that should be answered. The questions on the site include gender and sexual preferences and also those found on You’ll then have to proceed by creating a login password to continue. After you become a member of the site, you’ll come across the membership order page. You’ll then have to buy an membership. When you’re a member, you’ll start getting messages from attractive women regularly.

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Getting Started

Registering on the dating site only takes less than five minutes. The signup process only takes five steps to complete before creating a profile with the platform.  The site is free to join, and you can sign up as a man, a woman, a couple, or a group. That is to say, not only singles can join, but couples too are welcomed. Additionally, you should provide other personal information like sexual orientation, race, marital status, and body type. You also have to write a little about yourself while registering, and in case you don’t have anything to write, you can read some writing ideas on Alt .com. to enable others to know you more.

Making Contact has different contracting methods for its members. As a member of this casual dating site, I contacted a lady and said to her, “How are you Annabelle, I like what you said in your profile. Would you like us to meet and try something different? I do have something unique to show you.”  She responded and said she is very curious and looking forward to it, and we planned for a date later that week.

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Start Chatting has two kinds of membership plans which are Silver and Gold membership mode. The Gold membership is an upgrade of the silver membership, which is also an upgrade of the free membership. Each membership has different rates and is again categorized per duration. Silver membership goes for $22.94 for a month, and the Gold membership is priced at $34.44 monthly. The Silver membership costs $41.37 for three months and $123 for twelve months. Gold membership increases to $68.97 for three months and $185.26 for twelve months. The site accepts both credit and cheque payments.

Profile Quality

The majority of the profiles on are very informative. Some of the men member’s details include the length and width of his manhood. Other information includes member’s roles and how they are experienced. Some profiles also include a user’s ICQ, MSN, and AIM username and their purity test result. Also included on the profiles are member’s testimonials, kinks, bling, compatibility chart, and friends network.

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Security Measures takes member’s safety and security very seriously. The site doesn’t entertain any form of harassment or spam. They are very strict about age verification by its members, and people under 18 are not allowed on the site. Some words like ‘rape’ are forbidden in any form of context. However, has plenty of fake profiles and scammers, which is not suitable for the site. Though the word rape is prohibited from the site, the management is unable to control its use.


Can track my location? cannot track the location of its members as it has very many users.

How easy or difficult is it to create an account with

Creating an account is not very easy as it involves a long process and five other steps.

What period does it take for the satisfaction guarantee program on

The satisfaction guarantee on the site takes approximately three days.

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