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Most people are into gaming nowadays. In the past, it was considered funny and would be looked down on if you showed interest in video games or other geeky hobbies. However, due to evolution in culture, the stigma has decreased, and love for video games and other geeky activities are now appreciated.

Kippo creates a way for gamers to meet, link, and form relationships through their shared love for video games. The app has a stylish and millennial-oriented outlook. Kippo is one of the best international dating sites to meet similar-minded individuals online who know how it feels like to have a passion for video games. Users are free to customize their profiles as they wish to display their inner geek as high as they want.


Our Kippo review shows that Kippo is a new dating app specifically for gamers. The app makes it easier for any person to make new friendships, find dates and connect with gamers locally and internationally with its unique profile layout. The interface is beautifully designed with profiles full of information using ‘Card Decks’ that are enjoyable and easy to complete. The Kippo app connects tens of hundreds of gamers each day.

Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • The dating app has plenty of good features for free and paid users
  • The Kippo app layout is attractive and easy to understand
  • An ideal space for gamers to find new people
  • Profiles enable you to display your geeky side
  • A good place for introverts to meet
  • The price of paid membership is somehow higher compared to other apps
  • The user base is not as high as other non-niche apps
  • The environment may be overwhelming for casual players
  • Kippo does not have a website, and only the app is available
  • Members using Kippo app cannot use video chat

Subscription Plans

Membership Type                      Membership Length                 Membership Cost

Starter                                                Unlimited                                          Free

Infinity (Premium)                           1 Month                                            $10

Infinity (Premium)                           6 Months                                           $37

Infinity (Premium)                           1 year                                                 $56

Kippo Features

The site has a variety of features that results in a unique and fun user experience. Some of them that we found amazing include;

Cards: Showcase your funny side using the well-designed and readily customizable cards you can display on your profile. The card has information about your favorite games, preferences, star sign, and personality.

Direct Messages: This dating feature is also available to use by free subscribers. It is a decent way to interact, connect with new people, and create lasting friendships. Though the app does not have a video chat, users can use a direct message to introduce themselves or move to other sites to interact with each other better.

How to Start Dating on Kippo

Our Kippo review shows that registering on the app is easier compared to other gaming apps. In simple terms, it means it is quick, straightforward, and prepares you for the unexpected. All you need is to provide your phone number and other vital information to start using the site. You’ll get a promotion request to premium membership though you can opt to skip that request and decide to create your profile straight away. If you decide that you need premium membership, later on, you can go to user settings and upgrade your account. You’ll have an option to choose among one month, six months, and a one-year membership.

Kippoapp sign in


Getting Started

It is very easy to sign up on the Kippo app. Rather than using an email or a social media account, you’re only required to provide your phone number during registration. You don’t even need to verify your account. Since the app does not have a desktop service, hence you cannot go to their website. The app has several comic strips, and you’re required to download the app and use the services from there. Registration at Kippo is simple to attract many users. Its simple approach and the easy signup process are why most young people prefer using it. It uploads very fast, and registration only takes a few seconds. Its modern appearance of using fonts, like writing codes in text form while typing texts or updating profiles, is also advantageous.


Making Contact

I contacted a lady named Lindsay during my Kippo review, and here is what I said; “Hello, Lindsay, I hope you’re good. I would like us to have a game or two as we interact and see if we can plan for a date. I hope you don’t mind.” She took a few hours and returned with a positive answer to interact more as we game. We were able to plan for a date and get to know each other more.

Start Chatting

Kippo infinity costs $ 10 for one month, $ 37 for six months, and $ 56 for a year. The Kippo premium charges are lower compared to other dating apps. Kippo competitors usually charge twice what Kippo is charging, which is a good deal. If you see that Kippo infinity is worth your investment, you’ll have a better dating experience without necessarily breaking the bank. However, you can use Kippo for free, and you will still meet new people. The free service will only affect the number of messages you’re allowed to send. The subscription enables you to get rid of these browsing and messaging restrictions.

Profile Quality

Kippo app only requires some basic information about its members. You’re required to provide normal information like age range, gender range, and location range. You then upload four photos of yourself and indicate your gender orientation, whether you’re non-binary, bisexual, or accessible to date anyone. This is similar to other interracial dating sites because of its inclusivity. You’re free to state whether you’re looking for real romance or seeking friends to hang out with. You’re free to lock your inbox if you don’t want to receive unwelcome messages. The profiles are easy to customize using attractive graphics and other ways to showcase your main interests. Therefore, singles can see what kind of a person you are, and it also becomes easier for other singles to swipe through.

Profile Quality kippo

Security Measures

Members can decide to lock their inbox to avoid receiving any negative messages. Users will get an SMS code during signup or registration to prevent any scammers from using the site. Upon receiving the code on their phone, members must click on it to continue using the app.


Is Kippo able to track my location?

Kippo can track your location and connect you with other gamers in your location.

How simple is it to create an account on Kippo?

Creating an account at Kippo is very easy and simple as it only requires a few steps.

What period does the satisfaction guarantee program on Kippo take?

The satisfaction guarantee on Kippo is about 30 times per day which is an average number.

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