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The one of the best teen dating apps was designed as a community for single people that hate similar stuff to meet and connect. It is open to gay, lesbian, and straight singles from all corners of the world. Upon its launch in 2016, it gains massive fame because of the hated concept behind it. Many singles joined to find someone who hates something they hate too.  You can find singles who hate the same sport, movie genre, art, or celebrity as you do. Singles use it to find a long or short-term relationship and friendship. Over 700,000 singles are a member of the app. It is one of the top ten sites in the United States of America.


Hater app is filled with users that hate something, and it is a community where haters can become friends or lovers. The hater platform can be accessed via the mobile applications available for Android and IOS users. The site is free to join and easy to use. No paid membership or coin is needed to have full access to the platform. Any person above age 18 can enroll on the hater dating app within 5 minutes.  Special features like “Send a card,” Hey and “Fill the blank” serve as a conversation opener.  These features are all free to use and are effective in connecting with other singles.

Pros and Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages of using the app.

Pros / Cons
  • Easy registration through Facebook account
  • Available mobile applications for Android and IOS users
  • Free to join and easy to use
  • The features and functions are free to use
  • Easy to meet singles with similar hate
  • Email address or phone number are not required
  • No form of verification
  • No form of verification
  • Poor customer support
  • No live chat

Subscription Plans

The hater site is free to use. Users don’t need a paid membership to have full access to all the features, and as there are not payment options on the site. You don’t need credits or coins to contact and chat singles on the site. Everything on the Hater dating app is free.

Hater App Features

The app is a simple dating community, and its features are simple and effective. Its unique properties are bringing together singles with common hates. The Swipe to like feature shows users what they hate, and you can find someone with similar hate and like them. They also provide features to aid the easy contact of other singles on the site. The feature include

  • Fill the blank: ask a question, fill in the answer sent to them, and fill in their opinion, and the conversation can start.
  • Send a card: a flirt message or topic
  • Hey: to quickly start a conversation

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How to Start Dating on Hater App?

Starting your dating journey on the Hater dating platform is easy. Registration via Facebook is the fastest way to join the platform. The registration process would take less than 5 minutes. The details needed to join the site include your age, sexual interest, gender, and location. After registration, you will have to complete your profile details. Your profile is a crucial part of the Hater dating site as it helps users to connect easily. The details you will be submitting include what/who you hate, ethnicity, body type, eye color, height, weight, and many more.

Hater app

Getting Started

Your profile plays a crucial part in finding a perfect match. First, you have to be sure of what you want and fill it in on your profile. The Swipe and Like feature use information on your profile to find and recommend singles with similar interest and hate. Your profile picture should be recent and decent, as users would look at it before making a move to contact you. Joining the site is free and easy, and you have full access to all the features and functions on the Hater dating app.

Making Contact

Contacting and mingling with people may be hard for you, but the Hater dating platform provides various ways to get in touch with other singles quickly, whether they are close by or far away. For example, with the Hater platform search feature, you can meet and connect with people in other countries by searching for the country of your interest. You can also make use of the Swipe and like function to find yourself a compatible match. The Swipe and search features are powerful in contacting singles despite their location, age, sexual interest, or body type.

Start Chatting

From this Hater app review, you can start chatting on the Hater dating app by clicking on the message icon close to any user’s profile picture. And if you feel too shy or embarrassed to speak, then make use of the open conversation function on the site for free to start talking with your favorite single. The functions Hey, Fill the blank and Send a card is easy to use and effective. They help you easily communicate with anyone you desire, and you don’t need a coin or credit to use them. The chat messenger is also easy to use and free to access. They are effective for sending images and videos and are secured.

Profile Quality

The profile quality is essential, and some details can’t be left out when you create your profile. Your age, gender, sexual orientation, location, and who or what you hate are the backbone of your profile, and they are what other users would pay attention to when they search. In addition, your profile shows up on the “Swipe and Like” tab, and you need a good picture and complete details to get more attention and credibility on the dating site.

Security Measure

The hater dating app is free, and no email addresses or phone number is required. The site doesn’t verify its users, which means scammers would use many accounts. You have to take precautions and don’t share your details with anyone on the site. Hater platform’s admin would not request your password or credit card details for any reason. Protect yourself online and stay alert at all times.


Does Hater Track My Location?

You only have to state your location. You are not be tracked by the Hater site.

Is it Easy to Create an Account with Hater?

The registration process is fast and straightforward. No email address is needed, and you can quickly use the Facebook registration process.

How long is the Satisfaction guarantee Program on Hater?

Hater dating platforms will always be here to serve you and connect you with lovers and friends for as long as you want.

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