Best Gamer Dating Apps 

Finding cool dudes and slick chicks to visit gaming stores is easy if all you want is company. Most neighborhoods boast a local gaming store or two, plus you can check out forums online for gamers. However, if you seek the ultimate gamer dating experience, you might want to visit some of the best gamer dating apps under our review.

These sites boast compelling, captivating personals of gamers all over the world. Of course, you will be interested in sites that bring like-minded people, who are close to each other, together. Check out these sites providing matchmaking services discreetly.                          

4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)             

A site for all and sundry, it also provides captivating personals of gamers all over the world seeking casual dating.

Flirt main page

  • Members: 1 million global users; 300,000 within the USA plus 80,000 active weekly members
  • User Base: Various nationalities, varying sexual orientations seeking very diverse relationships
  • Active Age Range: 25 years of age
  • Browse Free: View Photos

Free Features:

  • Send winks and reply to messages for fast dating
  • Add users to favorite lists
  • Create an account and profile

Pricing Plans:

1 month – $28.80

3 months – $16.20; Total = $48.60

4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

It is a fancy website hosting the coolest peeps on the web, including, of course, gamers, all seeking primarily short-term unions.

BeNaughty sign up

  • Members: 500,000 within the USA alone; 120,000 active weekly
  • User Base: Mostly females (60%) looking for sexual escapades, nothing long-term
  • Active Age Range: 24-34 years of age


Free Features:

  • Customize your gamer dating search filters
  • Send winks to multiple users
  • Check out profiles of other members
Pricing Plans:

1 day – $0.99

1 week – $1.00 per week

1 month – $28.80

3 months – $16.20; Total = $48.60

Soul Geek 

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

This website provides a discreet platform for gamers of all ages and all sexual orientations.

Soulgeek sign up

  • Members: Boasts thousands of members seeking primarily to create friendly relationships
  • User Base: Young crowd, seeking nothing too serious, with a few looking for short-term unions
  • Active Age Range: 18-25




Free Features:

  • Send free winks, and reply to messages
  • Gamer dating profile creation
Pricing Plans:

1 month – $14.95

3 months – $39.95

6 months – $69.95


3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

It is an interesting name for such a welcoming site of all dating types, including gamers seeking friendly dating.

Hater app sign up

  • Members: 500,000 members located within the USA alone; with 10,000 active daily
  • User Base: The majority are males (60 %) seeking short-term flings
  • Active Age Range: 24-34 years of age

Free Features:

All features are free to use, including the 4000 topics to be browsed. Additionally, members can add their topics for discussion too.

Pricing Plans:

This gamer dating app is completely free to use, including communication features.



3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

It is an interesting, unique, and discreet site for gamers, including intimate flirting and chatting.

KIPPO main page

  • Members: Approximately 50,000 registered members in America alone; its popularity grew from the onset, with 45k joining within the first 8 months
  • User Base: 60% female base, with most members looking for very casual dating
  • Active Age Range: 18-25


Free Features:

  • Check out 30 gamer profiles a day
  • Dating is made easy via customized profiles (for free)
  • Incorporate 3 cards onto your profile
  • Account creation and profile updates
Pricing Plans:

3 months – $3.33

6 months – $6.17 per month; Total = $37.00

12 months – $4.67 per month; Total = $56.00

Few Handy Dating Tips for Gamers 

  • Ensure that your profile lists precisely what you seek. If you are a straight guy looking for friends to go gaming with, be sure that shows on your profile. However, if you seek casual dating, perhaps gay dating, or even mature (gamer) dating, this needs to be set on your preference list. It is important because this is how matchmaking systems work.
  • When you finally decide to meet a similar-minded dude offline, be sure to have a friend tag along. It takes care of security concerns, as you now have a witness for anything sinister that may take place.


Are These Gamer Dating Apps Safe? 

All the gamer dating apps listed have been verified as safe for members to join and use. These dating platforms all boast SSL/TSL encryption for all messaging. What this implies for members is that all communication taking place on the platform stays on the platform.

It is important, especially in terms of intimate chats and sexy videos. Also, the financial information uploaded onto the site doesn’t fall into the hands of scammers. It is because the same encryption software ensures that neither unauthorized access nor misuse of financial data occurs.

On top of SSL encryption are blocking, reporting, and safe mode options. The best sites offer blocking options. If you feel that a member is ill-willed, perhaps based on profile details or chatting behaviors, be sure to block him henceforth. Also, you can report him using icons placed on profiles and/or email admins on the same.

These dating sites for gamers boast the best in safety measures and security systems. Even with downloadable apps, safety is maximized, so members need not worry about compromising their privacy. Additionally, the best gamer dating apps will ensure your safety before joining, based on the quality of completed (verified) profiles.

How to Choose the Best Gamer Dating App 

  • Visit sites that boast SSL encryption. As you choose a website to engage other users on, presumably in a naughty, intimate manner, privacy is needed. Anonymity is the cornerstone of online dating; therefore, find a website prioritizing your need for discretion. With SSL encryption, your chats will never find their way onto another website or god-forbid your partner’s phone.
  • The best gamer dating app will be downloadable. It means you will have the option to surf the site on a desktop and mobile device. It is important for several reasons, including the option to update profiles while on the move. Also, you can chat with other gamers while mobile and plan meetings at gaming stores, movies, or, indeed, clubs.
  • The coolest gamer sites vet profiles before approval. It ensures you are chatting with real people, not bots or fake accounts (scammers). If you join a site that allows registration via Facebook, with no mandated email or phone verification, steer clear.
  • If you fancy friendly meets and would like to meet like-minded people with such interests, surf the web and find precisely that site. If yours is a niche with a twist to it, there are plenty of websites matching all needs.

Do not waste your time! Join these gamer dating apps today!