Dragonfruitapp.com Review: Who Uses It?

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Dragonfruitapp dating site is among the top geek and cosplay dating apps, and it was founded in 2015. It was designed as a community for geeky people seeking a relationship with straight, gay or lesbian singles. You can find a geeky friend or lover and the site algorithm helps find a perfect match so you can have a wonderful and fun conversation that can go deeper and lead to a sweet relationship. On dragonfruitapp.com, you can find people with special interests like you, and you don’t have to be shy or hide your geekiness. The dating platform is a community of geeks from different religion, ethnic and belief. Meet people who enjoy cosplay, science, and art talks like you by signing up today for free.


Dragonfruitapp platform can be easily accessed via the web, and it also has mobile applications for both Android and IOS device. The site is open to everyone with sexual interest so long you are above 18 years. Dragonfruitapp is free to use and doesn’t require any coin or credit to send and receive messages. The platform helps connect singles with special interest and search for a single near you with a similar hobby or interest.

Pros and Cons

Dragonfruitapp dating platform has some advantages and disadvantages like every other platform.

Pros / Cons
  • Dragon fruit app has a responsive web design
  • It has a mobile application for Android and IOs devices.
  • Profiles are kept private and can’t be viewed by a non-member
  • Registration is simple and free
  • The features and function of the site are free to use; no payment required
  • Email verification is not compulsory, leaving room for fake profiles
  • No live chat feature available
  • Spam or offense profiles are hard to block or report.
  • No form of identity verification on the site
  • Low customer support

Subscription Plans

Dragonfruitapp dating site is free to join and use. You don’t need a paid membership to use the features, and there are not payment options on the site. You don’t need credits or coins to meet and chat singles on the site. Everything on dragonfruitapp is free.

Dragonfruitapp Features

Dragonfruitapp is a dating site that encourages and gives geeky singles a chance to find love or friendship. It has features like Search, chats messenger, and like button, which help users contact and connect with singles. The features are simple. The site has a blog feature where topics and hobbies of geek users are discussed.

How to Start Dating on Datingfruitapp

You don’t need a lot of information to join Dragonfruitapp.com, and the registration process is easy. To join, you will need to submit a nickname, what you are intere3sted in, gender identity, who you are interested in finding, date of birth, and location zip code. The kind of interest you have will be useful in meeting a perfect match on the site. The Geekdom profile on the site is crucial in registration.

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Getting Started

Setting up your account on the Dragonfruitapp platform wouldn’t take up to six minutes, and it can be done via any internet-enabled device. When creating your account, you have to choose your Geekdom (an area of interest) divided based on games, movies, and other subjects. You will also submit information like your height, weight, ethnicity, body type, eye color, and many more.

Making Contact

Chatting and sharing of media content are possible on the Dragonfruitapp.com dating site. And it is free and easy, and you can contact or meet people via the search feature where you find single based on their parameters such as location, age, sexual identity, geekdom, and many more. You can also like a user profile to make contact with them

Start Chatting

The chatting feature on Dragonfruitapp is free; you don’t need coins or credit to share and receive messages. It is 100 percent secure and easy to use. You can use the website or mobile application to chat with other users. You can also share pictures or video through chat messenger. Dragonfruitapp dating site and mobile app are responsive, and all the messages you send and receive are protected and can only be viewed by the parties involved. To chat with a user, click on the message icon on their profile and send them a decent and nice message that would grab their attention, remember. You are not the only single trying to chat with them, so put in the effort when you type in your first message.

Profile Quality

The quality of your profile is crucial, and it is the only way any user can quickly decide if you will be compatible with them.  On Dragonfruitapp your geekiness is important, and people on the site want to know what you love doing and want to chat with a user who shares knowledge in something they like. Your age, location, sexual desire, tattoos, or drinking habit are details that are useful to the site and other users. The photo you upload is crucial as well; it could be an avatar from Dragonfruitapp, but it can show your geekiness, and it can help other users see you for who you are. People can see what you are currently reading, listening to, or watching, and it can be huge in starting a conversation and building bonds. The profile quality is proportional to the likes and messages you get.

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Security Measures

Dragonfruitapp platform is secure and built on HTTPS, meaning it can’t be easily hacked, and since it’s a free platform, your card details would not be required. As a member of the Dragonfruitapp dating site, it is your sole duty to protect yourself when you use the site. The admin of Draganfruitapp would never request your password or bank details. Don’t fall for the common scam, and don’t share your Social Security Number with anybody on the site.


Does Dragonfruitapp track my Location?

Your location is your privacy, and only you can permit it by switching on your GPS. But Dragonfruitapp doesn’t track your location; all they want is your city of residence to help find singles nearby.

Is it Easy to Create an Account with Dragonfruitapp?

You can create an account on Dragonfruitapp within five minutes, and since no email verification is needed, it is one step process. Creating an account is simple and free.

How long is the Satisfaction Guarantee Program on Dragonfruitapp?

You can use the platform for as long as you want; you can find friends, short or long-term relationship, partners. It is a community, and your satisfaction depends on your ability to communicate.

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