Anime Lovers Dating Review

Anime lovers dating site has expanded and traversed borders beyond the US and Japan like other anime dating apps. There is a growing audience of anime all over the world. This makes the site ideal to find a match. You will find numerous die-hard fans of anime and manga on the site.

The site will accommodate your needs in the dating world. You can engage in both short-term and long-term. You will find your match depending on which arrangement best suits you.

A Summary of the Anime Lovers Dating Site

You will find people from all walks of life and from all over the world on this site. Your common interest is anime, and thus you are guaranteed to be matched with a partner that will make your life happier than ever.

Anime lovers are distinguished from other otaku dating sites by the special feature of having group chats where you can invite other members and have a thrilling discussion on any topic. Registration to the site is free. You are then given a 5 day trial period at a small cost about $5. You can then subscribe to more advanced options to enjoy more specified services.

The Pros and Cons of the Site

Pros / Cons
  • Registration is free
  • You can be able to report any spam profiles
  • You can engage in live-chats
  • The site is user-friendly
  • You can engage in group chats
  • The site has a well-established algorithm to find you a match
  • The site lacks a mobile app
  • There is no anonymous method of payment
  • Some profiles can be fake
  • There is no proof that your identity has been verified
  • You may not necessarily find a match near your neighborhood

Subscription Plans

Anime lovers dating site has a number of subscription plans as shown below:

  1. The trial plan. This plan gives you a 5 day trial period where you can peruse through the various features you need to know to make your dating life smooth. The five day plan costs $5. If you don’t cancel this plan before the 5 days lapse, you will automatically be enrolled in the next plan.
  1. The one month plan. This plan is non-recurring. You, therefore, don’t need to go cancelling it before the one month lapses. The plan costs about $45. The beauty of it is that you can pay using a credit card.
  1. After trial membership. This plan recurs. You, therefore, need to cancel it before the month lapses so that you can stop the payments. The plan costs about $45. You can continue using it as long as you like.
  1. The Premium plan. The plan is also recurring. It is divided into 3 sections as shown below:
  • One month plan which costs about $40
  • Three months plan which costs about $60
  • 12 months plan, which costs you about $130

Anime Lovers Main Features

One common feature of online dating sites is the ability to engage with numerous prospects at once. Anime lovers dating site is even better at this through their special feature of having group chats. Therefore, you can create groups to discuss the trending anime topics with other anime enthusiasts.

The website has a search criterion which includes:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Online now
  • With photo only

The site has a special tool that enables you to block those members that you don’t want to engage with. You will only be involved with the members that you rhyme with.

How to start dating on anime lovers dating site

Anime lovers dating site has a medium-length registration process. You will fill in the following data to be registered member:

  • You will enter your screen name
  • You choose a password
  • You enter your first name
  • You enter your email address
  • Your gender
  • You enter the gender of the person you are looking for
  • Enter your country
  • Your closest city
  • You then click “finalize account”

You can now start viewing various profiles of other registered members.

Anime Lovers Dating main page

Getting started

Registration to the site should take less than 5 minutes. The site is highly responsive, and as the initial homepage in the registration says, you sign up now and date tonight!

Making contact

Now that you are registered to the site, you can start viewing profiles of numerous potential matches. You are free to get in touch with these individuals the through the chat rooms of anime lovers’ dating site.

Start chatting

When you are new to the site, you can enjoy a free membership package that includes sending flirts, viewing members and their location, and uploading photos. You can therefore start chatting with these members at no cost.

Profile quality

The profile provided by the members is pretty detailed. You can identify their location and get to know all their interests. Therefore, you will have a clear picture of the individual you are dealing with, albeit not 100%.

Security Measures on anime lovers dating site

The site is equipped with the following security measures:

  • All the data provided by the members go through an internal fraud detection system which helps to eliminate all the bad actors.
  • The site must confirm your email address and screen your photos to ensure their true representation. This helps to get rid of fake accounts.
  • Only the management team of anime lovers dating site have access to the information you provide. Other junior employees are only given access to the data that is relevant to finding you a match.
  • If an illegal intrusion is made on your account, you are immediately sent a notification, and the appropriate action is taken.


Anime lovers dating site has stood up as one of the best online platform where anime lovers meet. Register today and meet numerous individuals you can spend a good time with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy for anime lovers dating site to track my location?

Once you open the website and start the registration process, the site automatically traces your IP address and can track where you are. If you, therefore, engage in illegal acts on the site, you can be tracked down by the authorities.

How easy is it to create an account with anime lovers dating site?

It is quite easy to create an account with anime lovers dating site. You only require your personal data at the palm of your hands, and upon verification of your photos and email address, you have an account.

How long does the satisfaction guarantee last at anime lovers’ dating sites?

The site is structured in layers of membership plans starting from the free membership to the premium membership plan to guarantee you the satisfaction. You can enroll to the next level and achieve your satisfaction through more specified features.

Anime Lovers Dating

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