Choose from These Top 10 Dating Simulators

dating simulators

Gamer dating sites and games are growing in popularity. These dating simulators are made to provide an immersive world whereby players can explore real dating in a virtual world without making a commitment! Check them out and discover everything they can offer.

The Arcana

This basic dating simulator is still one of the most widely recognised and often discussed at gamer dating sites. Follow the various storylines and begin your journey into a world of romance.

You can expect great music; the game graphics are excellent, and it boasts a wide community that includes the LGBT community too. The game enables players to explore anyone they wish without being judged or questioned.

Amnesia: Memories

With a visual novel approach, this dating simulator delivers a massive gaming and dating experience with immersive storylines, actors and graphics. While the game is mainly aimed at women due to the majority of characters being men, it’s simple to explore, and it doesn’t cost any money to play either.

Genius Inc Dating Game

You’ll be able to discover a variety of dating simulators here, including the likes of Mythical Hearts. The platforms are all designed around following a romantic story with characters available to impress and date.

Players can immerse themselves in making decisions that have an impact on the overall outcome, but the experience is one that is enjoyable and exciting in equal measures.

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice

Players can select from four love interests while playing this dating simulator. While the gameplay is not as expansive as other options, it follows a novel that is visually pleasing, and it’s more about the story.

The controls are effective and simple while it’s free for a while, but once you progress to a certain part of the game, you’ll need to spend money.

“My Girlfriend” Series

Aimed at men, this romance simulator is about exploring the range of titles on offer. While the platform provides a lower number of choices, the story is extremely detailed, while the approach is considered aggressive than the options available for women.

There are mini-games included in the main game whereby players can earn money, but on the whole, it’s a great game to play.

Mystic Messenger

A unique platform that seamlessly merges a dating simulator with a game for texting. The character explores an app known as the Mystic Messenger app, with the aim of venturing out to discover a boyfriend.

The story is not as deep or as detailed as other options, but this is a game that provides solid gameplay and the opportunity to enjoy a dating simulator with a unique twist.

Obey Me

If you’re seeking a popular option, then the Obey Me game might be the better option. It has a lot going for it with tasks to finish and a range of men to choose from. This sim has a deep story that keeps it intriguing, although it’s a game that’s made for women.

The Sims Mobile

Popular and known around the world, this simulator enables players to enjoy living the life of a virtual person. Therefore, dating forms a part of this game but without the story. It’s a fun game and one that is sure to keep players hooked.

Yearning: A Gay Story

Players will take control of the main character, who currently resides in their first year at college. Players will be required to decide whether to make it known that they are gay and who they inform.

It’s possible to find romance with four players, and with plenty of features, it’s a top game for any members of an LGBT community aiming to explore the virtual side of love.


Using emulators will enable you to explore older dating games on modern devices. This means that you can choose from a variety of traditional games that really do provide a classic experience of dating simulators.


Which Simulators Have the Highest Ratings?

While all of these platforms provide a unique romance simulator experience, it’s clear that the most popular is The Sims.

In Which Simulator Can You Learn to Pick Up?

All of these simulators provide a close experience to real-life, which is based around decision making. As with dating and meeting people, it’s important to make the right decisions that help you to pick up with ease.

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