Discover How to Meet Girls in College

It’s natural to have a strong urge to be with a girl of your age while being in college. Engaging in different activities and introducing yourself to ladies through classes or even mutual friends will work to a certain degree. However, you need to be more proactive when your friend’s circle is limited, and you’re not that experienced with college or university dating. Certain challenging college courses further complicate the issue by robbing you of time you could spend in clubs or bars. 

However, you don’t have to make it really tricky, though. A great way to go about making new friends is at the start of your class. If you like a girl, steer clear from staring at her like there’s no tomorrow. Wear a nice smile on your face and confidently speak to her about professors, college courses, favorite books, and even movies and shows. Be quick to identify topics she likes to talk about and then improve your knowledge in those fields. Be friendly and work hard to develop trust. 

Putting your point across is important in every conversation but learn to be a good listener if you want to pick girls in college. 

Whether you consider yourself a big flirt or you think you’re not that great at picking up girls, the following tips will surely help meeting college women in a more natural setting.

  • Join Club Sports: A good way to meet girls is by becoming more active and joining IM/Club Sports. This way, you can become a popular student and make others talk about you, especially if you’re a skilled player. You can also take an interest in girls on the IM Frisbee team and compliment her for how well she plays. Using compliments will always serve as perfect openers and lay the foundation of a better relationship.
  • Opt for a Gym Class: Yoga classes, in particular, work great when you’re searching for a dating partner in general. These classes are often full of pretty girls. Do your homework and pick classes where the dudes-to-chick ratio is low, so you get noticed easily. Be sure to arrive early and don’t miss any opportunity to socialize and say hello to ladies. Appreciate her for how impress she’s at performing certain yoga poses.
  • Take Part in Service Projects: It’s true that dudes usually don’t show much interest in community services, but that’s exactly the reason why you should apply. When all your friends are hitting the bars and clubs trying to pick girls, you could simply work with nice, pretty girls to help the poor. 
  • You’ll be naturally interacting with them, and that makes it much easier to make new female friends.
  • Attend Open Mic Nights: You’ll love everything about these events, and interestingly, you don’t have to be a poet yourself or read anything. Simply showing up and introducing yourself will be enough to interact with friendly English majors. Be sure to spend some time learning about an indie group to get the conversation going and win a date in a few minutes.
  • Visit the Library: Even if you’re not particularly studying for an exam, frequenting your college library will help you meet nerdy girls who may be single and ready to mingle. It’s the perfect place to build a silent connection. Just don’t limit yourself to the study material only and make an effort to take your conversation forward by touching on other topics. 
  • Attend Parties: To learn how to get a college girlfriend, never say no to a party. Once there, be ready to make the first move and introduce yourself to those girls. Just avoid being the creepy guy who sits in the corner hoping that a girl will show up from nowhere and ask him for a dance. 
  • Also, polish your flirting skills a little and avoid throwing the age-old pickup lines. Try to be different but don’t push things unnecessary and ruin everything.

Besides trying these ways, you can take part in academic clubs, talk to another student and purpose group study sessions, and be always there to help others if you’re serious about making friends. Alternatively, you can also join online dating sites that let you find the hottest girls on campus!

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