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Gaming is no longer a lonely affair. You can be stuck alone in a room but connect to several other people from other states or countries. That is the beauty of online virtual gaming for nerds.

Gamers can now connect with other people through these online platforms. If you are a gamer and interested in meeting fellow gamers for dating, you will probably search for a good gamers dating site. Check this review of and discover its flaws and why you should avoid it.

This dating site has geeks looking for like-minded people who are into gaming. Or maybe you are not a gamer but would wish to date a gamer and wonder where you can find them.

It is one of the websites that claims to connect you to a nerd into gaming and searching for singles for dating. But does the website deliver on its promises? That’s the big question.

This review gives you the pros and cons of this website designed to connect nerdy singles. We also tell you how to get started with the platform, contacting other members, and what you get on the premium account.

A Summary of the Dating Site

As the name suggests, is a dating service designed for single gamers searching for love, friendship, romance, or long-term partners. The platform has been active since 2009 and is run by gamers.

Pros / Cons
  • It is a niche dating platform.
  • You will get free two-days of messaging after signing up.
  • There are rich profiles on the site.
  • It is a fair price.
  • There are only about 5,000 members on the platform.
  • Standard account members are limited to six matches per day.
  • It is not fully responsive to mobile browsing and there is no mobile app.

The Website’s Design and Usability is designed to act and look like a video game. The website incorporates graphics of a typical e-game, perhaps to attract nerdy singles looking for other nerdy singles. The site’s homepage screams, “For Gamers.” Therefore, this is the platform for you if you are a geek who is into gaming and want to date a fellow geek with similar interests.

The design of this website has little emphasis on romance. More investments were put on the platform’s gaming part, but it’s still a dating site. For example, you can click video game icons on members’ profiles for you to either like or dislike suggestions.

One of the limitations of this website is the layout. It has many elements and things going on. It might, therefore, be hard for some members to navigate the platform. However, if you are a geek, you’ll quickly catch up with the design and what every tab and icon is meant for.

Most geeks who are into gaming are used to high visual stimuli and will not find problems with the layout. Non-gamers and people who are not nerdy but interested in dating nerds on the platform might find it difficult to use the website.

There is a mobile version of, although it is not fully adjusted to gadgets. As such, you will only see the desktop version on your mobile phone. Another drawback is that there is no mobile app. Furthermore, the service does not have many members.

Getting Started with for New Users

Becoming one of the nerds at is a detailed process. The lengthy signup process minimizes fake profiles on the website. The registration process takes time – about 5 to 10 minutes. However, you can make it shorter by signing up through Facebook, which quickly syncs your information with the website.

Registering the normal way through your email will require an email address, birthday, and nominated password. The system will then prompt you to verify your email address by clicking the activation link sent to your email. Once your email address is confirmed, the next step is creating your profile.

Building your profile entails putting information about yourself, some of which is mandatory before accessing the website. A new nerd must upload a clear picture of their face. You must also select your favorite games – at least three games.

You’ll also have to select your membership package, confirm choices from previous steps, and complete building your profile before getting access to


Making Contact with Other Members

Contacting a nerd that you like on the website is easy. However, if you are a standard member, your communication options are limited. Geeks who are on premium accounts get access to all communication options available on the platform.

Standard members get six matches per day. You can either like or dislike these matches. Although you might like a match, it’s impossible to send them a message on a standard account.

The website has a “Find a Date” feature, which has customizable search filters. Use the filters to narrow down your search to religion, lifestyle, gaming preference, and age.

GamerDating members

What You Get on Paid Membership Account on

GamerDating has two premium packages – Silver Quest and Gold Quest. The Silver Quest is a 2-months package that costs 35.00 USD or 17.50 USD per month. The Gold Quest package lasts for 4-months and costs 70.00 USD or 17.50 USD per month.

The premium account gives you access to unlimited messaging and free gaming. Standard members can only access the website and browse other users.


Does Show Your Location?

Members can search other users by location and therefore see your location.

Should I Pay for

Although you can join for free, you’ll have to pay to enjoy the website fully.

Does Have Fake Profiles?

The lengthy and detailed signup process minimizes the chances of fake profiles.


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