Kosu Dating Site Review

This is a new site that is mainly anime-focused like other otaku dating sites. The site also incorporates other interests, such as video games and cosplaying. There are thousands of registered members on the site, making it ideal for you to get a partner of your liking.

Using the kosu platform, you can engage in both short-term and long-term relationships. You will be able to send and receive messages for free.

A Summary of the Kosu Dating Site

The kosu app is freely available on Google Play and the App Store on your device like many other anime dating apps. You will register for free and immediately start messaging potential matches.

You will find very many members who love anime and video games on the site. You will also enjoy special features such as discussing your interests, endless messaging, and customized avatars.

The Pros and Cons of Kosu Dating

Pros / Cons
  • Registration on the site is free
  • You will get timely notifications on who looked at your profile
  • You get to enjoy endless messaging
  • You join discussion groups on your specific interests
  • It is easy to make new friends with whom you share similar interests
  • It is easy to search the site
  • Due to the many users, the site experiences technical hitches while you are sending messages
  • The many adverts on the site are annoying
  • There is an applicable charge of about $15 to remove the adds
  • There is a presence of fake accounts on the site
  • You may not necessarily get your match within your location

Subscription Plans

Kosu dating site brings together diverse interests. They have a powerful algorithm that helps you find your match. The process is transparent and free from the onset to the end. This is a rare occurrence in comparison with other dating sites out there.

Every member on the site is a free member. Free to chat, message and interact online. You need to hop into the site, register for free, and start enjoying these amazing services right at the comfort of your computer or phone via the flexible mobile app.

Kosu Sites’ Main Features

You will first be taken aback by the beautiful homepage on the site. The colors are very bubbly and appealing, which prompts to enter that mood of love and companionship. You will also find other features as highlighted below;

  • The site has an endless free messaging service that is open to all the members
  • The site has a unique feature that enables you to be notified whenever someone views your profile.
  • The site has a keyword search option at the top. This enables you to enter specific games, anime, or character names.
  • You can customize your profile with a persona avatar. You can customize it alongside a photo of the specific character.
  • You can engage in group chats with other members of your specific interests.

How to start dating on Kosu

The registration process at kosu is one of the simplest you will ever find on any online dating platform. You are only required to enter the following straightforward data, and you are good to go:

  • Your gender
  • The gender of the person you are looking for
  • You then enter the specific anime or video game that interests you. You can enter as many interests as you want.
  • You then enter your location
  • Your age
  • Pick a username
  • Upload your photo
  • Provide your email
  • Create a password
  • Click send, and you are ready to go

Getting started

Upon sending the entered data, you will await the confirmation of your account so that you can go live and start your online dating journey. The verification will take less than 5 minutes. You are free to send unlimited to the specific people that the matching algorithm has matched you with. You will find countless registered members ready to strike a rapport with you. The choice is yours!

Making contact

Making contact with kosu is as easy as it comes. When you are a confirmed member, you are free to start sending those flirtatious messages to your prospects. You are given an array of options to choose from by the matching system.

Start chatting

Finding that match that you have been looking for will come about from the depth of your conversations online. You can engage in group chats with other anime enthusiasts, video games, or any other activity.

Profile quality

Due to the free nature of the site, you are likely to encounter more than 30% of profiles that are not genuine. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to do your due diligence to chat with various people for a long time before meeting them physically.

Security Measures at Kosu

Online dating has become one of the most prominent security threats to humanity. You may be chatting with a person whose intentions are not aligned with yours. What do you do? Do you quit online dating? Not, you need to adopt a half-full glass kind of mentality. Be positive and utilize the laid down security measures.

Kosu strives to provide its clientele with as much protection as humanly possible. They have instituted the following measures;

  • The data you provide is not shared with third parties. The kosu team only uses the data you provide to find you a match.
  • The site provides a customer care platform where you can air your grievances, and you will respond to promptly.
  • Before kosu shares your data with their affiliates, they have to seek authorization from you first.


You will rarely find a free site out there that strives so hard to find you a match with whom you share common interests. Grab this opportunity and try out kosu online dating site and have an amazing dating experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can kosu track down my location?

Yes, they can. The information you provide can be used to locate you whenever there is a valid reason to do so, like a security threat or finding you a match.

How easy is it to create an account with kosu?

It is pretty easy to create an account with kosu. You only provide minor personal details, and upon verification, you can start enjoying the services free.

Is the satisfaction guarantee program on kosu long-lasting?

Being a free site to use, you are guaranteed satisfaction all day, all night. The mobile app makes it even more convenient.

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