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Our Teen Network is a dating site for teens from 13-19, so it follows the definition of a word to the letter. The idea seems interesting, but how can adults be sure to let their kids hang out with some strangers on the Internet? Or how will kids themselves know it is the right platform to meet their own kind and enjoy communication with them? Our Teen Network came up with a few interesting solutions that took it to the top of the list of known teen dating sites. Let’s take a look at what this site does in detail.


  • Completely free. Yes, really
  • Has several options of verifying the integrity of user’s profiles and an extensive blocking mechanism
  • Members are easy to find thanks to linking Our Teen Network accounts with well-known services like Snapchat
  • For teens only and for them alone
Pros / Cons
  • Completely free
  • The moderation team performs background checks on members to prevent predators from entering
  • Only for teenagers and for them alone
  • Social media integration
  • Lots of groups by interests
  • Annoying ads
  • Sometimes, bad people slip the net
  • No mobile app – strange for a teen dating platform
  • When you turn 20, your profile gets removed
  • Profiles are public and open to anyone

Subscription Plans

Our Teen Network is completely free, so it doesn’t have any subscription plans at all. This unique situation is achieved through the implementation of ads – they are everywhere. Still, evidently, most users consider it a great price for being free, and where do teenagers get money to pay for it after all?

Our Teen Network Features

There are a few notable features on this platform that we’d like to talk about. Besides being completely free, this dating service has a bit of everything to turn into an almost-social-media site for teens to connect.

The first thing is the Forum. While being a dating site at heart, Our Teen Network has a whole communication network that is fairly similar to message boards or chat rooms – members can explore it, join various discussions or start their own, for example – invite someone to hang out, talk or maybe even for romance.

Another feature is live chat. The design is fairly similar to all the text messengers out there and is fairly comfortable to use. Besides, you can switch on to a video chat at any point, which is a feature that desperately needs to be implemented by many larger dating sites for adults.

How to Start Dating at Our Teen Network

Registration here is a bit more complex than at any dating site we reviewed in the past. For starters, members need to manually confirm that they are 13-19 years old, and their parents are required to get permission for their kids to be here – all through an online form. If it doesn’t seem enough, an email needs to be verified by clicking the link Our Teen Network sends you after the registration, and members it deems problematic (VPN and proxy users, for example) can’t even access the signup page.

After the registration, it becomes a bit more simple, though. Scroll through the list of members online, enter the forums or click on a field with gender (“girls” and “boys” specifically) to perform a more detailed search for teens in your area or someone not older than 17, for example.

Ourteennetwork.com sign in

Getting Started

After a potential member clicks a signup button, they are taken to a page with several fields to fill. Something like a name and an email address is common; fields where parents need to confirm that they allow their kid to access Our Teen Network is an innovation. By the way, the site detects known temporary mail providers, and members who use them get a red notch in their profile and might be unverified later.

Making Contact

Several options are available to find other members on Our Teen Network to start dating or simply talking.

  1. A Forum. Join a discussion in one of the many branches, create your own and ask someone to talk to you – those posts are common and evidently are a primary source for teens to find someone to communicate with.
  2. Using the main page. Members are divided into several categories – Online and New are self-evident, Last Connected are people who closed the tab with the site (and how long ago did they do it), Viewed is your search and viewing history and members with most visited profiles, and Girls, Boys and Gay are used to seeking out people within their branch of a gender spectrum by set parameters.

Our Teen Network members

Start Chatting

As we mentioned, there are several ways of chatting on Our Teen Network. The first one is a public forum – be warned, though, everyone, including strangers from the Internet who haven’t signed up, can view your conversations there! While teens at this service can use various fake names to conceal their identity, leaving their conversations out in the open isn’t the best idea. The second is DM – text a member you like or want to talk about, and if they respond – you’ve got yourself a conversation. There is no matchmaking or anything; just talk to whoever you find exciting. And if your friendship is strong enough, or you want to confirm the member you talk to is real, then invite them to a video chat.

Profile Quality

Profile quality on Our Teen Network is slightly off. It is focused on safety, but the details could be done better. We’ve yet to see a really detailed profile with a full description, but members can upload pictures and link their accounts to social media or messenger services, like KiK, Snapchat, Skype, or Facebook. But the Security tab should be implemented in more services our there – it shows how trustworthy member is, what IP do they have and how does it all correspond with their verification.

Our Teen Network profile quality

Security Measures

Security on Our Teen Network is tight and loose at the same time. For one, we can’t fathom why anyone would think that opening registered profiles of verified users to the whole Internet is a great idea? The same goes for forums! But everything else is great – we already described the thorough verification procedure that keeps predators and fakes away, but that’s not everything. Moderators are overlooking each profile and use their own criteria to remove the unwanted ones (including, by the way, the profiles that have been left out for more than 90 days). DMs are protected by an encryption algorithm, so no one can access them. And the site also has an intense hate speech prevention policy, so a profile might be removed if its owner spreads any negativity.


Does Our Teen Network track my location?

Yes, this dating site tracks your location. It is used to make sure you’re provided with a list of people nearby.

Is it easy to create an account with Our Teen Network?

As long as your parents give their permission and you have a valid email address, creating an account here is easy.

How long is the satisfaction guarantee program on Our Teen Network?

There is no satisfaction guarantee program because the site is completely free.

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Our Teen Network

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